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Jason's Lyric

Allen Payne, Jada Pinkett, Bokeem Woodbine, Treach, Eddie Griffin, Lahmard Tate, Lisa Nicole Carson, Forest Whitaker
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Jason Alexander, narrating, referring to his father: "Mama’d say Vietnam drive Maddog crazy. She’d say, when he lost his leg, he lost his mind." (0:04)

Jason tells Maddog, "Don’t worry about it, okay?" (0:05)

Jason, narrating, referring to his brother Joshua and Maddog, "Could never get used to the mood swings." (0:06)

Jason tells Joshua, referring to their mother Gloria, "She’s probably in a bad mood."
Josh: ”He ain’t nothin’ but a drunk.” (0:08)

Josh tells Jason, referring to Fast Freddy, "Oh man, that’s one crazy mother..." (0:17)

A friend tells Josh, "Don’t trip, now..." (0:19)

Jason tells Josh, "You don’t need to worry about my problems." (0:22)

Jason tells Josh, "If you wasn’t drunk, I’d kick your ass." (0:28)

Josh and his friends share a joint. (0:35)

Radio DJ: "This is the Mad Hatter." (0:36)

Gang leader Alonzo asks his waitress sister Lyric, referring to Josh and his friend, "They trippin’?" (0:37)

Jason tells Lyric, "No drugs..." (0:43)

Jason: "It ain’t the climbin’ I’m worried about." (0:48)

Jason tells Lyric, "Yo, this is some crazy shit."
”You contemplating suicide?” (0:49)

Jason tells Gloria, "Damn, female intuition." (0:52)

Gloria tells Josh, "With drug money."
”Drug money. Drug money.” (0:53)

Josh asks his gangster friend Ron, "Are you crazy?"
Ron: ”Do one or two more jobs like this, man, and you’re hooked.”
”Don’t even worry about it, though.” (0:55)

Alonzo tells Josh, "From what I hear, you down with the petty drug life." (1:07)

Ron tells Josh, "Man, you trippin’." (1:09)

Ron tells Josh, "You’re trippin’." (1:13)

Jason tells Lyric, "When we was little... He was all drunk... beatin’ on mama... I didn’t mean to shoot him." (1:35)

A man’s voice off camera tells Jason, "Joshua’s gone crazy." (1:43)

Josh holds the muzzle of his revolver to his head. A gunshot sounds off camera. (1:51)

Ron tell Alonzo, referring to Joshua, "He shot Lyric, then he did himself." (1:52)