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Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton, Carl Gottlieb, Jeffrey Kramer, Susan Backlinie, Jonathan Filley, Ted Grossman, Chris Rebello
marijuana | Dramamine | strychnine | dimenhydrinate
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Beach partiers share joints. (0:01)

Partier tells Chrissie. “I’m not drunk.” (0:02)

Mayor Larry tells Police chief Martin, “We’re really a little anxious that you're rushing into something serious here.”
”Martin, it’s all psychological... we’ve got a panic on our hands...” (0:12)

His wife Ellen tells him, “Chief Brody, you are uptight.” (0:16)

Ellen asks Martin, “Want to get drunk and fool around?” (0:23)

A man on the pier asks oceanographer Hooper, “Say, I hope you’re not going out with those nuts, are you?” (0:28)

Boater to boater: “You want to swamp us you crazy...” (0:30)

Shark victim Alex's mother approaches Martin in mourning: “My boy is dead.” (0:36)

Martin tells Hooper, “I’m not drunk enough to go out on a boat.” (0:45)

Ellen asks Martin, “Did you take your Dramamine?” (1:10)

Quint: “Hooper, you idiot, starboard!” (1:16)

Martin: “You’re certifiable, Quint. You know that? You’re certifiable.” (1:38)

Hooper tells Quint, “You idiot, you burned out the bearings.” (1:48)

Hooper tells Quint, “Well, I think I can pump 20 cc. of strychnine nitrate into him.” (1:50)

Jaws 2

References in Crocodile Dundee, MallratsReal Life