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CastKevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges
Year released2001
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Police officer into radio, referring to Prot: “East 42, we have an EDP.” (0:04)

Sign: “Psychiatric Institute of MANHATTAN” (0:06, 0:16)

Patient Ernie tells psychiatrist Mark about his delusional fears. Mark: “In the meantime I want you to start taking your medication again.” (0:06)

Psychiatrist Dr. Chakraborty tells Mark, “He arrived at Bellevue a month ago, suspicion of hallucinogenic intoxication. But, uh, he was found negative for substances of any kind... There’s no sign of concussion, no brain tumor, no temporal lobe epilepsy, no indication of organic abnormality whatsoever. However, after one month his amnesia and his delusion have persisted. He claims to be not human.”
Mark reads from the chart and asks Chakraborty, ”They administered Thorazine on this guy for three weeks at 300 milligrams a day, and he was unresponsive? How can you be unresponsive to 300 milligrams of Thorazine?”
”Well, let’s hope extraterrestrials qualify for Medicaid.” (0:08)

Prot: “Dr. Mark Powell, Chief of clinical psychiatry of the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute.”
”Of course, you think I’m crazy.”
Crystal on Mark’s desk etched: “Psychiatric Institute of MANHATTAN”
Prot: “I know that sounds crazy to you.”
”Einstein said nothing about... tachyon speeds.” Neologism?
“You should try speaking [gibberish].” (0:09)

Ernie and other patients in hospital day room. Friend 0:13)

Psychiatrist in meeting, referring to Prot: “I’d say Axis I: psychosis, NOS.“
Mark: “That’s glib to call him a psychotic. That’s a wastebasket diagnosis.”
Psychiatrist: “What’s your diagnosis, jet lag?”
Mark: “Well, how come he didn’t respond to the Haldol.”
Psychiatrist Claudia: ”Haldol can make you more psychotic.”
Mark: “I’m not saying that medication can’t be a useful tool...”
Psychiatrist: “He may be a good subject for the “Betazine” protocol. The drug’s on clinical trial here.”
Mark: “You want to experiment on him before we have a diagnosis?”
”He’s not a danger to anyone.” (0:16)

In a session with Mark Prot eats an unpeeled banana and talks about “Mot droppings.” (0:18)

Ernie tells Prot, referring to patient Bess, “She doesn’t talk to anybody.” (0:20)

Patient Doris tells Prot, “For some around here might call it crazy...” (0:22)

Prot in session with Mark. (0:24)

Mark asks the others, “I’m on the couch here or what?”
Mark tells astronomer Steve, ”I have this patient who seems to know quite a bit about your field.”
Mark’s wife Rachel: “You have a patient who’s an astronomer?”
Steve: “So, tell me about this patient of yours.”
Mark: “It’s just that, well, he’s the most convincing delusional I’ve ever come across.” (0:28)

Mark asks nurse Betty, referring to patient Howie, “Someone change his medication?”
Betty:: “I gave him his usual, Anafranil 250 milligrams.”
”An obsessive-compulsive doesn’t just sit there looking out the window.” (0:29)

Patient Sal: “Oh Ernie, you stink.” Olfactory hallucination? (0:31)

Mark: “Prot, it’s one thing to take an interest in your fellow patients.”
”On this planet, I’m a doctor; you’re a patient.”
Prot: ”Doctor. Patient. curious human distinction.” (0:32)

Mark tells Steve, referring to Prot, “He could be a savant. There are savants...” (0:43)

Hospital day room. (0:43)

Psychiatrist: “It’s mass hysteria.” (0:45)

Bess talks to Prot. (0:47)

Sal tells Prot, “I put up with the stink in this place for ten years...”
”The smell. They all stank... And this place smells worse than all.” (0:48)

Mark tells Prot, “In fact I’ve heard from most of the patients on Ward 2... I wonder if that’s a wise thing to be promising patients in a psychiatric facility.“ (0:49)

Rachel asks Mark, “What is this patient doing to you?” (0:52)

Rachel tells Prot, referring to Mark’s son Michael, “... and the truth is, he and Mark don’t talk to each other.”
Prot: “Probably because I’m a locked-up lunatic, so what harm could it do.” (0:58)

Prot becomes agitated after seeing the sprinkler. (1:01)

Claudia tells Mark, “He’s a violent patient Mark.”
Mark: “We need to regress him, take him back into the past...”
Claudia: “Regress him? Do you have any idea how risky it is to regress a patient like this one?”
Mark: ”I think that he could... hurt himself, somebody else.”
Claudia: “You’re too close to this patient.” (1:02)

Claudia: “Patients do not escape from this institution.”
”I’ve got psychotics on the fourth floor...” (1:04)

Mark tells Prot, “You’re a patient here.”
Prot: ”I would say you’re in need of a Thorazine drip doctor.”
Mark: ”Of course, I would need your consent. It’s called hypnosis.” (1:05)

Session: “On the count of three... find yourself in a... state of hypnosis.”
Mark induces a hypnotic trance. “You’re in a relaxed state of hypnosis now.”
Prot: “I see casket, silver with a blue lining.”
Mark: ”Whose casket is it?” (1:06)

Betty leads a patient meeting. (1:13)

Mark hypnotizes Prot. (1:14)

Mark hypnotizes Prot. Prot, referring to his friend Pete: “He’s trying to kill himself.”
Mark: ”Why does he want to kill himself?”
”You’ve helped a lot of patients here.” (1:22)

Cattle knocker Robert wades into the river to drown himself. (1:36)

Patients put on a going away party for Prot. (1:38)

Session. Mark: “I doubt Freud ever tried this...” Mark offers Prot a glass of Scotch.
Prot: “Invite your son for Christmas.” (1:39)

Mark dictates: “Patient 287, Robert Porter... Like most catatonics he probably hears every word we say, but refuses or is unable to respond...”
Mark tells Robert, “And Ernie, he’s determined to be a crisis counselor..." (1:51)

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