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Kill Your Darlings

Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, Ben Foster, Michael C. Hall, Jack Huston, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Elizabeth Olsen, David Cross, John Cullum, David Rasche
William Burroughs | marijuana | methamphetamine | Pervitin | morphine | nitrous oxide
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Allen Ginsberg tells his mother Naomi, ”I nailed the windows because you’re not right.”
Naomi, referring to her husband Louis, "He can hear you. He got wires in the walls." (0:03)

Lucien Carr tells the librarian, referring to a book, "Which is why I committed it to memory." (0:07)

Lucien tells Allen, "Only the most antisocial go to an event actually called one." (0:10)

By telephone, Naomi tells Allen, referring to Louis, "He’s trying to get inside my head." (0:12)

Allen sees William S. Burroughs in the bathtub wearing a mask with a tube to a cylinder. He answers,"Nitrous oxide for narco analysis."
When the man offers a joint to Allen, he tells him, “I don’t do the cannabis.
William: ”Show me the man who is both sober and happy...”
”Lucien, reefer.” (0:14)

David Kammerer tells the others, "Life is... a wheel of self-abuse." (0:16)

Man in jazz club, referring to men: "... perverts." (0:20)

Lucien tells Allen, "In the dawn, armed with a burning patience..." (0:20)

Men in white coats escort Naomi out of the apartment. (0:22)

Lucien and Allen stand on a desk with nooses around their necks. Lucien: “If it be that I am indulging my self-consciousness in justifying myself...” (0:23)

Lucien: "The expression of self."
Allen: ”The true, uninhibited, uncensored expression of the self.”
William: ”The derangement of the senses.” (0:24)

Allen wears a mask for nitrous oxide. (0:28)

William: "Pervitin. The Germans called it the ‘wonderdroge,’ prescribed for superhuman feats... but beware of the side effects..." (0:33)

Jack Kerouac: "Carr, you’re goddamn crazy." (0:39)

Allen reads his work to Jack and Lucien: "I’ve heard the strange madness long growing in your soul." (0:40)

William finds a title: "Contents pertaining to nymphomania, orgies, sexual perversion." (0:51)

David tells Lucien, "I know this is crazy." (1:01)

William injects an unidentified drug into his arm. (1:10)

Recording of Jack’s brother: "The nurses gave me the same morphine I gave to dying boys..."
”Wake, melancholy mother...” (1:11)

Lucien tells Allen, "The DA is asking for my deposition, in writing." (1:14)

Allen reads about Lucien’s planned defense: "Honor slaying... relating to a lethal attack when the accused is defending himself against a known homosexual... if the accused is homosexual, the charge of murder in the first degree shall stand." (1:15)

Allen reads from hospital record: "Name of Patient... Carr, Lucien... Reason for Admittance... Suicide Attempt. Gas Inhalation." (1:21)

Allen visits Naomi in a psychiatric hospital. (1:22)

Lucien tells David, "I was a kid, and you dragged me into your perverted mess."
Allen: ”So in Chicago you tried to kill yourself.” (1:25)

Lucien tries to hang himself in his jail cell. (1:29)

Title: "William Burroughs left his family to pursue a criminal life in New York that he documented in his novels Junkie and Naked Lunch." (1:34)