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La Dolce Vita

CastMarcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg, Anouk Aimée, Yvonne Furneaux, Magali Noel, Alain Cuny, Annibale Ninchi, Walter Santesso
Year released1960
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Wealthy heiress Maddalena tells the bartender, referring to a man’s arrival, “When he does, tell him he’s an idiot.” (0:08)

A man asks a woman, “You crazy?” (0:19)

Journalist Marcello tells his fiancé Emma, believing she has overdosed in a suicide attempt, “You crazy fool.”
”Why are you so crazy?” (0:21)

A man asks his dinner partner, referring to actress Sylvia’s friend Frankie, “Who is that idiot?” (0:36)

Sylvia tells her fiancé Robert, “You stupid drunk.” (0:43)

Marcello tells Sylvia, “I can’t take you to my place: That crazy woman’s there.” (0:48)

A woman cries, referring to her son, “He’s dead.” (1:15)

Steiner’s friend Iris declares herself “An alcoholic prophet.” (1:20)

Emma, referring to Steiner’s son: “He has such intelligent eyes.” (1:24)

Marcello, referring to someone to whom he just spoke on the telephone (Emma?): “Crazy idiot.” (1:30)

Maddalena tells Marcello, “I’m drunk.”
Referring to a guest: ”LIttle Eleonora: 200,000 acres and two suicide attempts.”
Marcello: “You’re drunk.” (2:03)

One partier tells another, “Go away, you idiot.” (2:13)

Young man, referring to a woman participating in a seance: “She’s just drunk.” (2:15)

Partier Jane tells Marcello, “You’re crazy.” (2:17)

A man’s mother asks him, “Is crazy Francesca with you?” (2:18)

Emma tells Marcello, “You say I’m the crazy one...” (2:21)

Cameraman Tiziano tells Marcello, referring to Steiner, “He shot his two children and then killed himself.”
Detective Lucenti asks Marcello, referring to Steiner, ”Had he ever shown suicidal tendencies?” (2:25)

Two partiers dance in drag. (2:34)

Partier: “Nadia, if you really do, I’ll quit smoking.”
Another partier: “It’s idiotic.” (2:36)

Owner Riccardo asks the partiers, “What idiot broke the glass?”
A partier tells Nadia, referring to Marcello, “Oh, he’s just drunk.” (2:40)

Partier: “Who’s that idiot?” (2:47)

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