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Lacombe, Lucien

Pierre Blaise, Aurore Clément, Holger Lowenadler, Therese Giehse, Stephane Bouy, Loumi Iacobesco, Rene Bouloc, Pierre Decazes
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A man asks Lucien Lacombe, "Are you crazy?" (0:19)

Police chief Tonin tells Lucien, "Don’t worry." (0:27)

Physician Paul Vaugeois tells his wife, "Don’t worry." (0:49)

Tailor Albert Horn tells Lucien, referring to the father of Lucien’s comrade Jean-Bernard, "He worried a great deal about his son." (0:56)

A comrade tells Tonin, "Don’t worry." (1:14)

Albert asks Lucien, "Are you crazy?" (1:20)

Hotel maid Marie rages. (1:27)

Lucien’s mother tells Albert, "You know, Lucien worries me."
Albert: ”My daughter worries me too.” (1:39)

Albert’s daughter France, "Don’t worry, Papa." (1:45)

Lucien tells Albert, "You’re crazy." (1:49)

Lucien’s superior Faure tells Albert, referring to Jews, "They breed like crazy." (1:51)