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Lady on a Train

Deanna Durbin, Ralph Bellamy, David Bruce, George Coulouris, Allen Jenkins, Dan Duryea, Edward Everett Horton, Jacqueline deWit, Patricia Morison
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Newsreel commentator: "The entire nation this week mourns the untimely death of Josiah Waring, world famous ship magnate..." (0:18)

Josiah’s nephew Arnold Waring asks Nicki Collins, "Are you worried Ms. Martin?" (0:22)

Chauffeur Danny strikes Nicki’s father’s employee Haskell (from the New York office) on the head, rendering him unconscious. (0:38, 043)

Danny strikes author Wayne Morgan on the head, rendering him unconscious. (0:43)

Margo Martin quotes Circus Club manager Mr. Saunders to him, "Don’t worry." (0:56)

Wayne tells Nicki, "... the beautiful girl who had, all unconsciously, lured him to his death..."
Nicki: ”Please don't worry.” (1:18)

Jonathan Waring tells Nicki, referring to the police, "You see they already know how worried I am about you, and when they arrive, they’ll find a very beautiful young woman, the victim of a rather affectionate maniac, my brother Arnold...."
Nicki: ”Don’t worry, Mr. Waring.”
Wayne faints when the pistol fires. (1:28)