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Dustin Hoffman, Valerie Perrine, Jan Miner, Stanley Beck
Lenny Bruce | Ray Charles | Bob Fosse | cocaine | dextroamphetamine | Dexedrine Spansule | heroin | marijuana | morphine
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Honey Bruce, referring to her comedian husband Lenny Bruce, tells the interviewer, "... he was busted at least nine or ten times, twice for possession of narcotics and three, four times for obscenity." (0:01)

Lenny: "Dexedrine Spansules..." (0:02)

Members of the audience share a joint. (0:10)

Lenny’s mother Sally Marr tells Honey, "The police found marijuana in the trunk."
”You were so nervous that you came rushing out...” (0:21)

Lenny, during a comedy routine: "No, you crazy?" (0:25)

Lenny, during routine: "I would rather my kid watches a stag movie than a clean movie like King of Kings... because King of Kings is full of killing..." (0:31)

Honey’s doctor, injecting her arm, answers Lenny, "Morphine." (0:33)

Lenny, during routine: "I was drunk." (0:35)

Lenny mimics a car salesman to Honey, referring to their car, "It’s only been used once, and that was in a suicide pact." (0:37)

Honey, in interview, referring to the drummer, "... he hands us these little straws, and we started sniffing this stuff up our noses..."
Interviewer: ”Was it cocaine?”
Honey: ”No, it was heroin.”
”I sort of went bananas...”
”They were all messing around, fixing... You do things on dope that you normally wouldn’t do.” (0:37)

People use drugs intranasally. (0:40)

Honey tells Lenny, "You’re crazy." (0:45)

Honey tells the interviewer, "We both cleaned up for a while..." (0:47)

Lenny, during routine: "I’m not an exhibitionist. [Referring to a dog] Get out of here, you pervert." (0:50)

Honey tells the interviewer, "... I’d gotten busted for having a little pot in my car."
Interviewer: ”Because of drugs?” (0:51)

Lenny, during routine: "But custody doesn’t mean get even. What custody really means is I raise."
”Custody’s a lot of dos.” (0:51)

By telephone, Honey tells Lenny, "... as soon as I’m straight..." (0:55)

By telephone, Lenny manager Artie Silver tells a potential customer, referring to Lenny, "He’s... crazy."
Customer: ”How crazy is he?” (1:05)

Lenny, during routine: "Ray Charles bumping into little Stevie Wonder all day long." (1:09)

Lenny, during routine: "Did you read about the two school teachers who were busted for homosexuality? [reading from news article] ‘... let us make certain that these sexual deviates are never allowed inside a classroom again.’" (1:12)

Artie tells the interviewer, "He was obsessed with it." (1:14)

Artie tells the interviewer, referring to Lenny’s plan to become a lawyer, "... he drove his friends nuts with it." (1:20)

Recording of Lenny played in court: "... That’s my hang-up..."
Judge: ”... by creating a clear and present danger of antisocial behavior...” (1:24)

Honey tells the interviewer: "Well, I just did something crazy."
”Um, they give you a lot of speeches about rehabilitation.” (1:27)

Lenny tells Honey, referring to a member of the jury, "She was a lush." (1:28)

Lenny, referring to a member of his audience: "She’s a nut." (1:29)

Honey tells the interviewer, "It’s like that lady alcoholic in I’ll Cry Tomorrow."
”See, junkies think like, I’ll kick tomorrow...” (1:29)

Close-up of track marks on Honey’s arm.
Honey: ”Okay, I’ll kill myself.” (1:30)

The interviewer tells Honey, "Lenny was deep into drugs himself, wasn’t he?" (1:30)

Honey: "I’m not a junkie." (1:31)

Lenny, during routine, referring to a judge: "... He just sits up there, junked out of his head, man..."
”There’s an article here in the Chicago paper about these transvestites who are posing as policemen. In other words, they’re police officers dressing up like pretty ladies.” (1:34)

Honey tells the interviewer, "I flipped out mentally."
”I wound up in a hospital, in the psychiatric division in a padded cell.” (1:40)

Artie tells the interviewer, "Then he got picked up for possession of narcotics..."
”He was going broke... with the dope...” (1:40)

Lenny tells the judge, "... attorney’s keep telling me, don’t worry..."
”... I’m not up there just to shock the audience...”
Judge: ”... I am further ordering psychiatric evaluation by the psychiatric clinic.” (1:45)

Honey tells the interviewer, "He was nutty, you know? He did a lot of crazy things..." (1:48)

Close-up of drug paraphernalia (1:49)