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Les Misérables (1952)

Michael Rennie, Debra Paget, Robert Newton, Edmund Gwenn, Sylvia Sidney, Cameron Mitchell, Elsa Lanchester, James Robertson Justice, Joseph Wiseman, Rhys Williams, Florence Bates
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Prisoner Genflou tells prisoner Jean Valjean, "This is for your memory." (0:09)

Valjean tells police chief Javert, "The man was drunk and a notorious rake."
Madame Fantine faints. (0:45)

Prosecutor, referring to the defendant, "It is obvious that he is trying to pass as an idiot." (0:55)

Witness Genflou tells the court, referring to Jean Valjean, "He’s crazy."
Referring to the defendant: ”He’s already an idiot.”
Valjean: ”I am not insane.” (0:58)

Javert tells Vlagen’s friend and business associate Robert, "We are patient men, Robert..." (1:05)

Baron Marius asks Valjean, "Are you insane, man?" (1:10)

Cosette tells Marius, "You are my first patient." (1:13)

Robert insufflates snuff. (1:19)

Marius tells Valjean, "Don’t worry." (1:25)

Valjean reads a letter written to Cosette from Marius, "I beg of you not to sacrifice your life to this man’s selfishness..." (1:28)

Valjean tells Marius, "I don’t want your sympathy." (1:31)

Valjean tells Javert, "Your mind is sick." (1:33)

Javert jumps into the water to drown. (1:44)