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Loaded (2015)

Patrick John Flueger, Kumail Nanjiani, Andrew W. Walker
crack cocaine | marijuana
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Alex Hamilton tells a prostitute, "Just need another hit."
He insufflates a joint.
”... crackheads.” (0:00)

Reza tells his wife Shireen, referring to Alex, "He’s the one who got drunk at our wedding..." (0:02)

Glass waterpipe (0:04)

Alex tells Reza and Ethan, "This is crazy." (0:08)

Reza: "Well, I’m confused." (0:09)

Alex asks Reza and Ethan, "This is a intervention, or something?" (0:10)

Ethan, referring to a classmate: "Yeah, convicted pedophile."
Reza: ”I fought a pedophile. I took on a pedophile.”
”That’s... crazy.”
Ethan: ”I’m not really in the mood for music right now...” (0:18)

Reza, on a phone call: "Treatment facility?"
Ethan: ”A treatment facility?... You can’t just make somebody go to treatment.” (0:21)

Reza tells Ethan, "These ingredients lists are insane." (0:24)

Alex insufflates from a crack pipe. (0:29)

Reza tells Alex, "... If you can pay your... rent, or hold down a... job, or not be a... alcoholic, I would give a shit..." (0:33)

Alex prepares crack. (0:43)

Reza yells at Alex, "You maniac."
Reza tells Ethan, referring to Alex: ”He’s an alcoholic and needs professional help.” (0:44)

Ethan tells Alex, "I’m worried about you." (0:46)

Alex insufflates crack. (0:48)

Ethan tells Alex, "You’re three sheets, man."
Alex: ”I’m not three sheets.” (0:49)

Truck driver April asks Ethan, "What, are you nervous?"
Ethan: ”You gave up a career as a high-powered psychologist to drive an avocado truck.” (0:54)

Ethan tells Alex, ”I’m over playing... retarded with you.”
”Is that a... crack pipe?” (1:01)

Alex holds the muzzle of his pistol against his chin as though to shoot himself, but the hammer falls on an empty chamber. (1:02)

Ethan asks Reza, "Hey, you remember when Alex’s mom died, and he was, like, completely inconsolable, and his dad made him read that poem at the funeral?"
”I don’t think he’d slept for, like, days...” (1:04)

The gas station mechanic asks Reza, "What are you, nuts?" (1:08)

Reza tells Alex, "Don’t worry." (1:12)

Ethan tells Reza, "I was a little bit... nervous." (1:18)

Alex tells Sheriff Carter, "My friends were simply escorting me to the Serenity Woods rehab center, where I’m due to check in now." (1:20)

Reza tells Alex, "Don’t worry about it, man." (1:24)