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Local Hero

Burt Lancaster, Peter Riegert, Denis Lawson, Fulton Mackay, John M. Jackson, Peter Capaldi
Cary Grant | Jimmy Stewart
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Psychotherapist Moritz tells Felix Happer, "Maybe I could give you an abusive phone call some night..."
”It’s basic therapy technique.” (0:05)

By telephone, his friend Trudi tells executive “Mac” MacIntyre, "You called me a kleptomaniac."
Mac: ”Well, look, maybe you are a kleptomaniac.”
”You’re the pervert.” (0:11)

In another session, Happer tells Moritz, "You’re talking perversion, not therapy."
Moritz: ”I’ve got your ego on the run, Mr. Happer, you piece of shit... You’re a star patient, Mr. Happer.” (0:32)

Hotelier and accountant Gordon Urquhart tells the assembled people of the town, "I need your patience and your faith." (0:35)

Mac and Danny Oldsen walk through the church graveyard. (0:36)

Marine biologist Marina tells Danny, referring to the people of the town, "They must be going crazy." (0:47)

Gordon tells the others, "I told you I needed your trust and your patience." (0:49)

One man guesses another’s impersonation: "Ah, it’s James Stewart."
”Well, that would be James Stewart.”
Impersonator: ”That’s Cary Grant. This is Jimmy Stewart.”
”No, that was James Stewart” (1:12)

Happer: "Moritz, you idiot."
”You nut, get out.”
”Moritz, you idiot... I’ll have you certified.”
Happer, by intercom to his secretary: ”And, Mrs. Wyatt, there’s a maniac outside the building.” (1:18)

Edward tells Peter, referring to the money, "Well, all it’s done is make me feel depressed." (1:20)

Mac tells Gordon, "I know I may be a bit tipsy..." (1:21)

Happer: "Well, don’t worry about it, MacIntyre." (1:37)

Gordon tells Mac, "Don’t worry." (1:43)