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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

CastNick Moran, Jason Flemyng, Jason Statham, Dexter Fletcher, Steven Mackintosh, Vinnie Jones, Sting, P.H. Moriarty, Nicholas Rowe
Year released1998
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Bacon tells Tom, "I mean, when they’re not picking peanuts out of poop, they rip off unfortunate souls of their hard-earned drugs." (0:09)

A man walks among marijuana plants smoking a joint while his accomplice works with laboratory apparatus. (0:10)

Winston tells Willie, "We grow copious amounts of ganja, and you’re carrying a wasted girl and a bag of fertilizer." (0:12)

Barry: "Don’t you worry, Harry." (0:15)

Eddie: "Is this supposed to be symbolic?" (0:19)

Eddie tells Tom, Bacon, and Soap, "Don’t worry." (0:32)

Dog: "Winston Churchill said that."
A man tells Gordon, ”Shut it, you idiot.”
Dog’s henchman shows him a bag of cash and drugs. (0:33)

Marijuana grow room
Man: ”He’s a... lunatic.” (0:38)

Nick arranges cocaine on a mirror with a razor blade. Plank tells him, “I’ve been buying tea off of one of them for a couple years.”
”They’re just growing a good weed...”
Nick offers Plank a joint. (0:38)

Eddie: "Tom, in the meantime you talk to Nick the Bubble about shifting the weed." (0:42)

Nick the Greek asks Tom, "Weed?"
Tom: ”It’s not normal weed.”
Referring to Rory Breaker: ”Not that madman with an Afro.” (0:42)

Rory: "I don’t normally have anything to do with weed, Nick..." (0:43)

Tom asks Nick, "What about this geezer who sells drugs." (0:48)

Big Chris tells Eddie’s bar owner father JD, "Now, I’ll put that down to shock..." (0:49)

Eddie: "Crazy." (0:51)

Bacon tells Tom and Soap, "I’m not sure what’s more worrying..." (0:53)

Dog asks Winston, "And the weed?"
Dog: ”Shut up, you idiot.” (0:59)

Bacon tells Eddie, "Come on, not like that, you idiot." (1:03)

Bacon tells the others, "We’ve got God knows how much of this stinkin’ weed..." (1:07)

Lenny hands Rory some drugs: "It’s skunk..." (1:09)

Bacon offers a joint to Eddie: "What, you want a toke on that?"
Eddie: ”Can we lock up and get drunk now, please?” (1:11)

Rory tells Winston, "I’ll shoot you in the... throat if I don’t get my ganja back."
Winston: ”Look, we grow weed.” (1:11)

Bacon, Soap, Eddie and Tom engage in heavy drinking and get drunk. (1:13)

Rory asks Nick, "How is it that your... stupid, soon to be dead friends thought they might be able to steal my cannabis and then sell it back to me?" (1:14)

Bacon: "Scarface. I’ve watched Scarface. If you want to know how to do a drug deal, you watch Scarface.”
Soap, referring to Rory: ”Psychotic black dwarf with an Afro.”
: ”He’s a... lunatic.” (1:16)

Tom: “No weed.”
Soap tells the others, "Don’t panic."
Eddie: ”I am panicking, and I’m off.” (1:26)

Bacon tells Tom, referring to the shotguns, "... and throw yourself off, while you’re at it." (1:38)

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