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Lorenzo's Oil

Nick Nolte, Susan Sarandon, Peter Ustinov, Kathleen Wilhoite, Gerry Bamman, Margo Martindale, James Rebhorn, Ann Hearn, Maduka Steady, Mary Wakio, Don Suddaby, Colin Ward, LaTanya Richardson, Jennifer Dundas, William Cameron, Laura Linney
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A doctor tells Lorenzo’s mother Michaela, referring to Lorenzo, “He does present as a hyperactive.”
”Hyperactives repeat tasks endlessly, don’t they?”
”They perseverate, yes.”
Lorenzo’s father Augusto: ”How could he be hyperactive?”
A teacher tells Augusto and Michaela that Lorenzo needs ”Individual Disability Placement.” (0:07)

Doctor: “The EEG is normal.” (0:09)

Lorenzo undergoes EEG with photic stimulation. (0:11)

Dr. Judalon tells Lorenzo’s parents, “All boys with ALD die, usually within two years of diagnosis.” (0:15)

Augusto reads in an article: “... dementia... mute...” (0:20)

Professor Nikolais tells Lorenzo’s parents, “All we can hope for is to slow the cascade of symptoms.” (0:23)

Doctor: “Now in the scanning speech we look for both ends of the pathology: centrally, for the dysphasia, and peripherally, for the dysarthria.” (0:33)

ALD Foundation head Ellard tells Michaela and Augusto, “I think a lot of it is denial.” (0:35)

Michaela: “Why, so we can discuss further salvaging our marriages and managing our grief?” (0:39)

Augusto tells Nikolais, “Now, the dose.” (1:02)

Doc tells Michaela and Augusto, “The best I can offer is sedation.” (1:06)

Foundation head Ellard: “You know, if you would stop all this denial, you wouldn’t do a thing to prolong your boy’s suffering...” (1:12)

Michaela asks Augusto, “Should we risk raising the dose?” (1:12)

Michaela’s sister Deirdre tells Augusto, “I think she’s losing it.”
”I think you’re losing it Michaela.”
Augusto: “You’re crazy. Absolutely crazy.”
Michaela: “You think I’m crazy because I speak for our son?”
Augusto: “Yes, yes, crazy. Insane, demented. Tainted in the head! Only a crazy woman would shun her church, her husband, her family!” (1:18)

Judalon: “I’m sedating him as much as I dare.” (1:20)

Deirdre asks Augusto, “Is this a new hobby or a nervous tic?” (1:28)

Nurse Nancy Jo tells Michaela, referring to Lorenzo, “I’ve given him his oxcarbazepine in 50 mils of water.” (1:39)

Michaela tells Nancy Jo, referring to Lorenzo, “He doesn’t need to hear this from a subliterate with a double digit IQ.” (1:41)

By telephone chemist Suddaby asks Michaela, referring to Lorenzo, “What dosage will you give the lad?’ (1:51)

Nikolais, referring to Lorenzo’s oil: “What’s the dosage, please... and what are the side effects of this?” (1:58)

Augusto examines a diagram of a neuron in a text book. (1:59)

Augusto tells Michaela, “Locked here are his reasoning, imagination and memory...” (2:00)

Michaela, referring to herself: “What an idiot!” (2:04)