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Loves of a Blond

Hana Brejchova, Vladimir Pucholt, Vladimir Mensik
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Lásky jedné plavovlásky

One soldier tells another, referring to a waiter, "Jesus, what an idiot."
”That half-wit.” (0:16)

Factory worker Marie tells her friends Andula and Jana, "I was worried they were going to bring the bottle to us." (0:17)

One soldier tells another, "You’re crazy." (0:18)

One soldier tells another, "Don’t worry."
”Sit down, and quit being an idiot.”
”Don’t be an idiot again.”
”Now he’s an idiot, huh?”
”You stare like idiots...”
”You act like retarded teenagers.”
”A bunch of idiots, aren’t we?” (0:27)

Pianist Milda asks Andula, "You tried to commit suicide?" (0:34)

Milda’s mother tells his father, "I’m worried about him."
Milda’s father: ”He hasn’t mentioned marriage, and you’re worried about the kids.”
”Are you crazy?” (1:01)

Milda’s father, referring to Milda: "Crazy guy."
”Haven’t I always said your son is nuts?”
”He’s an idiot...” (1:05)

His father tells Milda, "You’re a real idiot."
”Don’t treat me like an idiot.” (1:14)

His father asks Milda, "Do you get that drunk?"
Mida’s mother: ”You’re driving me crazy.”
Mida’s father: ”Jesus, you’re driving me nuts.” (1:19)