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CastPeter Lorre, Ellen Widmann, Inge Landgut, Otto Wernicke, Theodor Loos, Theo Lingen, Georg John, Gustaf Gründgens
Year released1931
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A man reads to others, "Anxiety among the general public is heightened by the police’s failure to apprehend a suspect."
One man tells another, ”You’re crazy, you dirty swine.” (0:10)

The handwriting analyst dictates to a stenographer, "The aforementioned diamond-shaped and swelling sweeps, clearly seen in the word ‘soon,’ third line form the bottom, attest to the strongly pathological sexuality of this sex offender... The writing as a whole displays the elusive yet unmistakable signs of madness." (0:15)

Police Commissioner: "This does not, of course, make the police very popular, nor does it reduce the general public’s anxiety." (0:20)

Der Schränker (The Safecracker) asks the others, "Are you nuts?" (0:32)

A city official tells the others, "The instincts of the moment drive the murderer’s actions."
Inspector Karl Lohmann: ”That’s why all health care facilities, prisons, clinics and insane asylums must be encouraged to cooperate with us unequivocally.” (0:39)

Lohmann, finding error in document: "Idiot."
Another official tells him, ”Inspector, here are reports on mental patients who’ve been released as cured or deemed harmless over the last five years. Reports from every private and public institute, as well as from municipal hospitals and asylums.” (0:47)

A young man asks Hans Beckert, "Are you crazy, throwing orange peels on the ground?"
The safecracker asks the others, "Are you crazy or something?" (1:09)

One gangster tells another, "I’m not an idiot." (1:14)

The safecracker asks another gangster, "Are you nuts?"
”But not through the door, you idiot.” (1:14)

Gangster Franz, referring to the others: "Bunch of morons." (1:21)

Lohmann, reading a report: "This is madness... Must’ve been a bunch of real idiots."
Inspector Groeber, referring to Franz: ”Guy like him would rather jump out the fifth-floor window...” (1:28)

The safecracker tells Hans Beckert, "So you can plead insanity and spend the rest of your life being cared for by the state and then you break out of the asylum or receive a pardon, and you’re happy as can be, free to kill with impunity, protected by law on grounds of insanity, and you’re back chasing little children..."
Beckert: ”Then I don’t remember a thing... I don’t remember a thing...”
Beckert’s “defense counselor,” referring to the safecracker, ”My learned colleague who just spoke... has claimed that the fact that my client was acting compulsively warrants the death sentence.”
”... the very nature of compulsion warrants an acquittal...”
Gangster: ”Are you nuts, or plastered?”
Defense: ”It is precisely the nature of compulsion that relieves him of responsibility for his actions...”
”What does the state build asylums for?”
Safecracker: ”Once again the insanity clause, once again the asylum....” (1:40)

Reference in 2 Days in Paris

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