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Mackenna’s Gold

Gregory Peck, Omar Sharif, Telly Savalas, Camilla Sparv, Keenan Wynn, Julie Newmar, Ted Cassidy
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Marshal Sam MacKenna tells Prairie Dog, "Don’t worry, old man." (0:13)

Outlaw John Colorado asks an Apache, "Are you crazy?" (0:20)

Sam tells John, "You’re crazy to come back." (0:25)

John tells Sam, "You’re crazy." (0:30)

Inga Bergman tells Sam, "They killed my father." (0:33)

John tells outlaw Ben Baker, referring to the preacher, "Hey, Ben, to bring this fellow, you got to be crazier than he is." (0:45)

John asks Sam, "Why are you so selfish?"
John tells the others, referring to Inga’s father, ”He’s crazy.” (0:53)

Narrator, referring to Hesh-Ke: "They’d got the squaw so drunk she couldn’t talk." (0:58)

Cavalry Sergeant Tibbs tells his superior, referring to Hesh-Ke, "Pie-eyed, sir." (1:01)

John asks Sam, "You crazy?" (1:08)

Sam tells Inga, referring to Hesh-Ke, "She’s kind of crazy." (1:10)

Tibbs tells Inga, "You have my sympathy." (1:23)

Sam asks Tibbs, "You nervous?" (1:38)

John tells Sam, "I’m not in the mood for jokes."
”One big drunk in every stinking saloon in Sonora... huh?” (1:39)

Sam tells Inga, "You’re out of your mind."
Inga: ”I must be crazy.” (1:43)

Reference in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood