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Mad Max

Mel Gibson, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Joanne Samuel, Steve Bisley, Tim Burns, Roger Ward, Lisa Aldenhoven, Reg Evans, Bertrand Cadart
nitrous oxide | marijuana
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Police radio dispatcher Sarse, referring to a suspect: “A few hours ago down, down in Sun City, he goes berserk...”
Police officer Roop: “I’ve seen the style before: terminal psychotic.” (0:02)

Gang member The Nightrider on police radio: “I’m a fuel-injected suicide machine.” (0:04)

Nightrider: “I’m a fuel-injected suicide machine.” (0:09)

His wife Jessie tells police officer Mad Max, “I’m crazy about you.” (0:15)

A mechanic tells Max the car engine “Sucks nitro.” (0:16)

Roop tells police officer Fifi, “Yeah, Max took out a couple of crazies over the high side.” (0:18)

Max, referring to gang member Johnny the Boy: “This one’s whacked right out of his skull.”
Johnny: “Whacked right out of his skull.” (0:29)

Gang member Bubba tells a young man, referring to a damaged car, “Perhaps it’s the result of an anxiety.” (0:32)

Scag, referring to Max and Goose: “Hey, bronze, look at you, a cripple and a mute.” (0:34)

Gang leader Toecutter puts a joint in his mouth and tells his thug, “Light me Johnny.” (0:45)

His superior Fifi: “You’re a winner, Max... and I’m not gonna lose you because of some crazy notion about quitting!”
Max: “Any longer and I’m... a terminal crazy.”
Fifi: “You’re hooked, Max.” (0:51)

Junk man, referring to Max and Jessie: “Crazy people, man. The world’s full of crazy people.” (0:59)

Jessie encounters mentally retarded, but harmless, Benno. (1:07)

Grief overcomes Max when he discovers the death of his infant son Sprog and likely imminent death of Jessie. (1:14)

Gang member Johnny the Boy tells Max, “There were a hell of a lot of crazy people back there, man... I’m... psychopathic, you know. Personality disorder.”
”You’re mad, man.” (1:28)

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