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Madeline's Madeline

Molly Parker, Miranda July, Helena Howard, Okwui Okpokwasili, Felipe Bonilla, Lisa Tharps, Curtiss Cook, Myra Lucretia Taylor, Dana Eskelson, Ivan Martin, Sophie Traub, Sunita Mani, Suzette Gunn, Jamal Batts
Carl Jung
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Nurse KK: "What you are experiencing is just a metaphor." (0:00)

Evangeline tells Madeline, "The cat has its own personality." (0:10)

A student asks Evangeline, "Is this a metaphor? Are we using prison as a metaphor?" (0:12)

Madeline: "This is just a metaphor." (0:13)

Evangeline tells Madeline, "Jung says that... in all chaos there is a cosmos.." (0:17)

Madeline’s mother Regina asks a student, referring to Madeline, "You want her in a psych ward for another six weeks?"
Student: ”Are you crazy or something?”
Woman’s voice: ”It’s just a metaphor.” (0:23)

Actor: "You’re looking at me like I’m crazy." (0:29)

Regina, by telephone, referring to Madeline: "Her prescription ran out a week ago." (0:34)

Regina tells Madeline, "You have hypochondria." (0:37)

Hunter: "That’s crazy."
Madeline asks Evangeline, ”Depressed?”
Evangeline: ”Is that... that’s depressed?”
Hunter: ”Don’t worry about what I said.” (0:42)

Evangeline: "Now, who’s, um, gonna play the patient?"
”... try to generate text and this time in a psychiatric ward, okay?”
”Hey, Madeline, it’s a psychiatric ward, not a pregnancy ward.” (0:47)

Madeline: "It’s a metaphor."
Woman: ”Metaphor?”
Evangeline: ”It’s not a metaphor... It’s about mental illness...” (0:53)

Girl: "Welcome to the nut show."
Woman: ”Don’t worry about it.” (0:54)

Madeline, playing Regina: "The mood swings: They can get so bad sometimes. High, low..." (1:12)