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Make Way for Tomorrow

Victor Moore, Beulah Bondi, Fay Bainter
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George Cooper tells Barkley “Pa” Cooper, "Oh father, there’s nothing to worry about." (0:10)

By telephone, George tells his sister Nellie Chase, "... I know mother’s going to be bored to distraction." (0:13)

His mother Lucy “Ma” Cooper tells George, "Well, don’t you worry about me."
George’s wife Anita tells Ma, referring to George, ”My bridge pupils drive him mad.” (0:15)

Movie poster at theater: "Souls at Sea" (0:22)

By telephone, Ma tells Pa, "Well I was worried about you... You know I worry."
”... and you won’t worry, will you?” (0:25)

Pa’s shopkeeper friend Max Rubens reads a letter from Ma to Pa, referring to Nellie, "She’s very worried..." (0:34)

Ma tells George and Anita, "Don’t worry about me." (0:37)

Ma tells Anita, "You’re worried about Rhoda..." (0:46)

His daughter Cora Payne tells Pa, "What’s the good of worrying mother?" (0:46)

The doctor, on seeing Pa: "So this is the patient."
The doctor tells Cora, ”... I run into all kinds of patients.”
Pa: ”... I’ll bet you haven’t got many patients.” (0:47)

George asks Ma, "Will you please stop worrying, mother?" (0:54)

George tells Anita, "It’s you that I’m worried about." (0:55)

Ma tells George, referring to Pa and a home, "He must never know that I’m going... he must never know."
”It’ll be the first secret I’ve ever had from him.” (1:02)

Ma tells Pa, "I only hope the children aren’t worried about us." (1:10)

George tells the others, "I’m worried about father and mother." (1:16)

Pa: "Lucy, are you getting a little tipsy?" (1:19)