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Man of the Year (2006)

CastRobin Williams, Christopher Walken, Laura Linney, Lewis Black, Jeff Goldblum, David Alpay, Doug Murray, Sasha Roiz
Year released2006
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Comedian Tom Dobbs tells his guest, a senator, "I mean, it’s crazy." (0:02)

Jack Menken: "As Tom Dobbs’ manager, I was shocked as anyone around me." (0:04)

Television reporter: "Voter confusion..."
”It eliminates long lines and confusion at the polls.” (0:04)

Menken, referring to Eleanor Green, "Whether she was... obsessive compulsive... who knows?" (0:05)

Menken asks the others, "How crazy is that?" (0:12)

Producer Eddie Langston tells Menken, "This is nuts." (0:15)

His makeup artist asks Dobbs, "Are you nervous?" (0:17)

Dobbs: "... let’s have real security and not just the illusion of security and be distracted by it."
”They deal in weapons of mass distraction... It’s all about distraction.” (0:23)

Langston tells Menken, "In fact, I’m almost euphoric." (0:27)

Menken: "You’re a good candidate, Tom, as loony as that seems..." (0:27)

Reporter: "Mr. Dobbs, how do you answer the allegations from the Mills camp that you were arrested for smoking marijuana?"
Dobbs: ”I was stoned. At that point, I was pretty much on everything but skates.” (0:29)

Langston, by telephone: "Oh, this is so insane. Insanity, it’s sweet insanity." (0:41)

Dobbs tells the others, "I’m just a little nervous, guys." (0:50)

A doctor tells Eleanor’s friends, referring to Eleanor, "She’s got Benzedrine, morphine, codeine, cocaine, GBH, Talwin." (0:51)

Eleanor asks her friend Danny, "When have you ever known me to ever take any kind of drugs?"
Danny: ”Maybe because you flipped out, and you’re in a hospital and you’ve been doing drugs”
Ellie: ”I don’t do drugs.”
Danny: ”Cocaine, Ellie?”
Ellie: ”I don’t do drugs...” (0:52)

Dobbs tells Eleanor, "Had to deal with drunks, hecklers and angry waitresses..." (0:56)

By telephone, Eleanor tells Danny, "Paranoid, I guess." (1:00)

By telephone, Delacroy CEO Hemmings tells now President-elect Dobbs, "Look, I’m a little confused."
Referring to Eleanor: ”Did she mention that she had a very bad drug problem. She had a breakdown here.”
”She should be in drug rehab.” (1:01)

Dobbs tells Eleanor, "Well, he told me about your drug problem..."
Eleanor: ”I don’t have a drug problem.”
”I do not have a drug problem.”
Langston: ”By the way, drug dealers have this place booked until dawn.”
Eleanor: ”There is no drug problem.” (1:08)

Dobbs tells the others, "That’s crazy." (1:09)

Eleanor asks Menken, referring to smoking, "Shouldn’t you be giving that up?" (1:10)

Delacroy executive Stewart: "Recently, Delacroy had to dismiss an employee, Eleanor Green, who was suffering severe psychological problems... heavily involved in the use of barbiturates and cocaine."
”... she seemed obsessed with Tom Dobbs... lots of people have psychological problems, mental problems...” (1:19)

Langston tells Dobbs, referring to Eleanor, "... flipped out in the company cafeteria, on all sorts of drugs, clearly a mental case... more pills in her than a pharmacy.."
Dobbs: ”... she doesn’t seem that crazy to me.”
Langston: ”If she’s not psychotic, she’s a stalker, and if she’s not a stalker, she’s a CIA operative.” (1:20)

A reporter asks Dobbs, “Will your speech today give us any insight into the Eleanor Green situation?” (1:24)

Langston tells Dobbs, referring to Eleanor, "Tell them... you didn’t know she was secretly popping pills."
”I even threw in an old Hitler joke.” (1:24)

"These two old Jews were sent to kill Hitler... They were supposed to kill Hitler at 12:30... 12:30, no Hitler... They have to deal with... drug companies..." (1:26)

Langston tells Dobbs, "I had an ex who used to do enough tranquilizer to put a small flock of sheep to sleep."
Dobbs: ”Eleanor didn’t do drugs.”
Langston: ”... and ballplayers don’t do steroids...” (1:28)

President Kellogg tells Dobbs, referring to his desk, "I remember the first time I sat behind it, I had a sort of nervous chill." (1:28)

Langston tells the others, "On one side, there’s this certifiable lunatic who says the Holocaust never happened..." (1:33)

Dobbs, referring to Eleanor: "She’s not psychotic, okay?" (1:38)

Television host: "A German filmmaker is planning to make a comedy about Adolf Hitler."
Tina Fey: ”... Tom Dobbs has recreated how Thomas Jefferson would have looked if he were crazy.” (1:40)

Langston tells Dobbs, "Don’t worry about a thing." (1:40)

Dobbs: "Next time, i want to go stilettos, something crazy."
Fey: ”So what do you make of this woman’s obsession with you?”
Dobbs: ”Is this a face that a woman would be obsessed with?”
”Because, I think, you know, a woman could be obsessed with a movie star like Brad Pitt... I could be obsessed with Angelina... you could say obsessed with rock and roll stars... women rushing the stage, fainting. It was for Elvis, for the Beatles...”
”I mean, how plausible is it that a woman would fix an election because she’s obsessed with me?” (1:42)

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