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Man's Favorite Sport?

Rock Hudson, Paula Prentiss, Maria Perschy, John McGiver, Charlene Holt, Roscoe Karns, Regis Toomey
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Author and salesman Roger Willoughby tells the policeman, referring to lodge owner’s daughter Abigail Page, "She’s the kind that gets confused." (0:07)

Roger’s boss Mr. Cadwalader tells the women, "Don’t worry a bit." (0:14)

Abigail tells Roger, "... I thought that some nut had pulled up there." (0:16)

Roger tells a stranger, "I’m confused." (0:19)

Roger tells the lodge owner’s daughter Isolde “Easy” Mueller, "I’m confused enough." (0:20)

Easy tells Abigail, referring to Roger, "He’s crazy."
”He’s crazy.” (0:22)

Abigail tells Easy, referring to Roger, "I may shoot him, or myself."
Easy tells Roger, ”... don’t worry.” (0:24)

Abigail tells Roger, "You don’t have anything to worry about." (0:27)

Abigail answers Easy, referring to Roger, "Because he was still unconscious."
Easy: ”You’d better try it again when he’s conscious.” (0:49)

Easy tells Abigail, "... you don’t have to worry." (0:54)

Roger tells Abigail and Easy, "I was a little bit distracted..." (0:57)

By telephone, Abigail asks Roger, "You don’t happen to have any sleeping pills on you, do you?" (1:04)

Roger tells Abigail, "Here’s your sleeping pill."
Abigail: ”Well, this is better than the corner drugstore.”
”Oh my, but you’re grumpy.”
”Now, do you see why I do not want to take the sleeping pill?”
Roger: ”... you should not take coffee with a sleeping pill.”
”Because it’s a stimulant.”
”Ah, sleeping pills.” (1:05)

Roger, referring to unresponsive Abigail, "She’s out cold. Must be that sleeping pill." (1:12)

Roger tells Easy, referring to Abigail, "She took a sleeping pill..."
”Tex, she came in last night just to borrow a sleeping pill.”
Catwalader: ”You mean... all she wanted was a sleeping pill?” (1:15)

Easy asks Roger, "Don’t you know what psychiatrists say?"
”The love impulse... especially in a male, shows itself first in conflict.”
Roger: ”What, are you nuts? You’re as crazy as she is.” (1:28)

Roger tells Abigail, "Now that’s an intelligent question." (1:33)

Abigail asks Roger, referring to Easy, "Did you tell her that you thought I was crazy?"
Abigail: ”I go out of my mind.” (1:35)

Contestant Maj. Phipps: "Willoughby, you’re off your rocker."
Willoughby, referring to fish: ”The second one committed suicide...”
Phipps tells Cadwalader, ”Well, don’t fall on your sword about it.” (1:44)

John Screaming Eagle tells Roger, "Well, in the mood you’re in, it would be pretty easy to put the bite on you." (1:48)