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Mean Girls

Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, Amy Poehler, Ana Gasteyer, Lacey Chabert, Lizzy Caplan, Daniel Franzese, Amanda Seyfried, Jonathan Bennett
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | crack cocaine | ephedrine | marijuana | phentermine
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New student Cady Heron, "The first day of school was a... stressful, surreal blur." (0:04)

Student, referring to classmate Regina George: "Her favorite movie is Varsity Blues." (0:08)

Classmate Regina George tells Cady, "I’m not retarded." (0:10)

Regina tells Cady, "That is social suicide." (0:16)

Regina asks classmate Gretchen, "Do you think I’m an idiot?" (0:17)

Classmate Damian Leigh tells calculus teacher Ms. Sharon Norbury, "My Nana takes her wig off when she’s drunk."
Damian tells Cady, ”It’s social suicide.” (0:22)

Cady: "... I wanted things to move faster, so I followed my instincts." (0:24)

Regina tells her ex-boyfriend Aaron Samuels, referring to Cady, "... I’m not saying she’s a stalker..."
”That’s crazy.” (0:27)

Aaron tells Regina, "You’re crazy." (0:30)

Cady tells Regina, referring to classmate Janis Ian, "She just, you know, came up to me and started talking to me about crack."
Regina: ”... I’d be like, ‘Why are you so obsessed with me?’... It was so retarded... now I guess she’s on crack.” (0:32)

Cady, referring to her classmate, "Gretchen Wieners had cracked." (0:40)

Regina asks Cady, "Ephedrine?"
Phentermine?” (0:42)

Gretchen asks Cady, "Like a drug pusher?"
Cady, referring to Ms. Norbury: ”You know, I bet she sells drugs on the side...” (0:50)

By telephone, Regina tells Cady, referring to Gretchen, "I’m worried about her."
”... and the crazy thing is...”
Regina tells classmate Karen, referring to Regina, ”She’s driving me nuts.” (0:51)

Cady asks Aaron, "Do you think I’m an idiot?" (0:55)

Her date Shane Oman tells Regina, "They make you gain weight like crazy." (1:02)

School principal Ron Duvall tells Regina, "Don’t worry." (1:03)

Ms. Norbury sees written on a sheet of paper, "Ms. Norbury is a pusher... A sad old drug pusher." (1:06)

Cady: "It was full-tilt jungle madness..." (1:07)

Duvall tells the students, "Ms. Norbury has been accused of selling drugs."
”Ms. Norbury, you’re a successful, intelligent, caring, graceful woman... something to help them with their self-esteem.”
Cady thinks, referring to Norbury, ”Just that you sell drugs.” (1:09)

Cady, referring to Regina: "Some girls said they saw her head go all the way around..." (1:16)

Duvall asks Ms. Norbury’s students, "Did your teacher ever try to sell you marijuana or ecstasy tablets?"
Student: ”What are marijuana tablets?”
Aaron tells Duvall, ”Ms. Norbury does not sell drugs.” (1:18)

Cady asks Ms. Norbury, "Did you wanna buy some drugs?" (1:20)

Poster for Singin’ in the Rain (1:21)

Ms. Norbury asks Cady, "You nervous?" (1:22)

Cady asks the students, "So, why is everybody stressing over this thing?" (1:28)

Cady tells Aaron, "I was so nervous..." (1:30)

Cady: "Regina’s spine healed, and her physical therapist taught her to channel all her rage into sports." (1:31)