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Men & Chicken

David Dencik, Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Søren Malling, Nicolas Bro
serotonin | dopamine
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Mænd og Høns

Elias tells a woman, "You’re a psychotherapist, right?"
”I have this recurring dream... when, suddenly this crazy bird with huge wings comes flying in.”
”What a crazy thing to say... I seek out psychotherapists just to save the DKK 875 an hour plus taxes? That’s a lunatic question.”
”You’re a terrible therapist, if you keep interrupting your clients like that.” (0:03)

By telephone, Gabriel tells his brother, "Dad’s dead, Elias." (0:05)

Garbriel tells Elias, "Don’t worry about it." (0:05)

Elias, referring to Tanja: "She came between us, Gabriel." (0:06)

Video tape of the man they thought was their father: "Elias’ mother died in childbirth." (0:08)

Elias tells Gabriel, "Darwin, that loser, what a moron."
Gabriel: ”Darwin was no moron.” (0:10)

Doctor Ingrid tells Gabriel, "They still live at the sanitarium."
Elias: ”This is insane.” (0:12)

Ellen, off camera: "They’re all insane up at the sanatarium." (0:21)

Gabriel tells Elias, "1754 people lived here in 1938 when the sanitarium closed." (0:25)

Mayor Flemming tells Gabriel, referring to Elias, "It’s plain suicide." (0:26)

A large thrown object strikes Elias in the head.
Flemming tells Gabriel, ”When they’re in this mood, you run.”
They strike Gabriel in the head with large objects.
Elias strikes them with a rolling pin. (0:27)

Gabriel tells Franz, "I teach philosophy and evolutionary psychology at the university." (0:31)

Josef, off camera, tells Elias, "Your obstinacy complicates the situation and our new friendship.” (0:32)

Josef: "I’m not a complete idiot." (0:39)

Franz strikes Gabriel in the head, rendering him unconscious. (0:47)

Gabriel tells Gregor, "You’re all insane." (0:49)

Franz tells the others, "It’s a crazy overreaction to bury Dad now." (0:51)

Franz tells the others, "This is utter madness." (0:56)

Gabriel tells Gregor, "No, don’t worry about the animals." (1:00)

Josef reads to the others from a book: "Abraham’s undiagnosed schizophrenia makes the voices in his head worsen, as he still hasn’t sought psychiatric help nor started on antipsychotics. The hallucinatory voices order him to climb a mountain in Moriah-land, slaughter his own son, Isaac, and subsequently burn him."
:”... the voices tell him not to kill his son. The thin air causes neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin to alter the hallucinations.”
Franz: ”It’s insane for God to play omnipotent...” (1:00)

Franz strikes Gregor in the head, rendering him unconscious. (1:06)

Gabriel calls Josef, "You idiot." (1:08)

Kindergarten teacher Susan tells Elias, "I highly advise you to put Franz in psychiatric care."
Elias: ”Thanks, but we don’t spend money on psychologists in our family.”
”You make it sound like all of Mexico City is in a panic... To the dead, those who dance are mad.” (1:14)

Franz tells a nurse, "I also struggle with obesity." (1:19)

Ingrid tells Flemming, referring to Susan, "She’s got a concussion..." (1:21)

Franz in a straight jacket, then Josef and Gregor as well (1:26)

Gabriel tells Elias, "Don’t worry about that now." (1:34)