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Mister Roberts

Henry Fonda, James Cagney, William Powell, Jack Lemmon
epinephrine | Adrenalin
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Navy cargo officer Lieutenant (junior grade) Douglas A. "Doug" Roberts tells ship’s physician “Doc,” "I saw something last night that just about knocked me out."
Doc: ”I’ve got to go down to my hypochondriacs.” (0:06)

Chief Petty Officer Dowdy tells Doug, "They’re starting to stumble around down there, the poor, punch-drunk..." (0:10)

One crewman calls another, "Peepin’ Tom."
Second crewman: ”Who’s a peepin’ Tom?” (0:18)

Lt. Ann Girard tells Ensign Frank Thurlowe Pulver, "Certainly must have an awful lot of B.F.
”Battle fatigue with all this aspirin." (0:22)

Doug: "Doc, you know a thing like that could make a bird dog real self-conscious."
Frank: ”... I started to turn on the old personality...”
Doug, referring to Frank: ”Doc, he... bores me silly with great moronic plots against the Captain.”
”... ‘cause our glands don’t secrete enough Adrenalin...” (0:27)

A crewman answers Doug, "Hoot Gibson in The Sheriff’s Daughter." (0:39)

A crewman tells Doug, referring to another crewman, "Copper just passed out." (0:39)

A crewman tells the others, "And when old Roberts said that, I thought the Captain was gonna lose his marbles." (0:47)

Crewman Insigna tells the others, "Somebody musta been drunk to send us to a liberty port." (0:55)

Captain, referring to indigenous people: "Get them cannibals off this vessel" (0:57)

Doug tells Captain, referring to the crew, "Look at those crazy lugs." (1:06)

Crewman Dolan: "Hey, Mr. Roberts, I’m drunk as a goat. Show him how drunk I am." (1:10)

A shore patrolman tells a goat, "Your papa’s over there worryin’ about you." (1:1)

A shore patrol officer tells Doug, "We also found an army private, first class, who was unconscious at the time." (1:14)

Dowdy tells crewman Schlemmer, "Get up here, you idiot." (1:15)

Doc tells Frank, referring to Doug, "I doubt if he’s even conscious of what rank he is." (1:22)

Doc tells Frank, referring to Doug, "I know one thing he’s feeling tonight, and that’s panic." (1:31)

Doug tells Doc, "They’re too busy looking out for themselves to worry about anybody else."
Doc: ”At the time there was some criticism of their decision on the grounds the judges were drunk.” (1:45)

Frank reads a letter from Doug, "I’m thinking now of... all the guys everywhere who sail from tedium to apathy and back again... I’ve discovered, Doc, that the unseen enemy of this war is the boredom that eventually becomes a faith and therefor a terrible sort of suicide..."
”Mr. Roberts is dead... They took a Jap suicide plane...” (1:56)