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Motherless Brooklyn

Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Alec Baldwin, Willem Dafoe, Bobby Cannavale, Cherry Jones, Leslie Mann, Michael K. Williams, Fisher Stevens, Dallas Roberts, Josh Pais, Ethan Suplee, Robert Wisdom
marijuana | morphine
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Private investigator Frank Minna’s assistant Lionel Essrog tics repeatedly throughout the film, but also displays photographic memory. (0:01)

Lionel: "Gum, weed... If I get nervous, it gets worse." (0:04)

William Lieberman asks Frank Minna, "Have you lost your mind?" (0:08)

Frank tells Lionel, "Well, don’t worry about it." (0:13)

Close up of syringe
Nurse: "Morphine in."
Lionel reacts to Frank’s death. (0:14)

Lionel tells Tony Vermonte, "I’m not in the... mood." (0:16)

Lionel smokes marijuana in a bong. (0:20)

Lionel tells Tony, referring to Frank, "He was nervous, though."
Tony: ”Nervous how?”
Gibert Coney: ”He wasn’t nervous”
Lionel: ”He was nervous.” (0:27)

Lionel: "On my average day, the weed will handle my twitching and shouting, let me get to sleep."
Lionel smokes a joint. (0:35)

Tony tells Danny Fantl, "I’m going to pick up a prescription for my mother, clam brain." (0:37)

Paul Randolph asks Lionel, "You nuts?" (0:50)

Speaker Joel: "Don’t worry" (0:55)

Lionel: "My crazy brain was tellin’ me I should keep pullin’ on that thread..." (0:59)

Lionel: "Kicks and tics! Licks and tics!"
Lionel tells Laura Rose, ”... it’s worrying that the bills in my wallet aren’t lined up all in the right sequence...” (1:06)

The trumpet player tells Lionel, "Wait, now, this ain’t just no marijuana."
Lionel smokes a pipe. (1:17)

The trumpet player tells Lionel, referring to Billy “Sarge”, "Colored Marine unit, carryin’ ammo, and one day he picked up a gun tryin’ to stop a Jap suicide attack, got hit..." (1:18)

Tony asks the others, referring to Lionel, "You got any weed?"
Danny passes Lionel a joint. (1:29)

A detective tells Lionel, referring to Billy, "All right, so, uh, he told you to come, then he bumped himself so you could find him before the staff came, probably."
Lionel: ”They tried to make it look like he did it to himself...”
”... how’d he shoot himself in his heart with his left hand...?”
”They usually send division Dicks up to Harlem at 3:00 A.M. for a suicide?”
Laura reacts to Billy’s death. (1:32)

Laura tells Lionel, referring to her mother, "She died a long time ago." (1:39)

Lionel tells Commissioner Moses Randolph, "You got nothin’ to worry about." (1:43)

Paul Randolph tells Lionel, "... Billy panics and calls me for help..." (1:49)

Paul tells Lionel, "Mo tried, but he was so brilliant that he resented lesser minds and became hard, obsessed with winning, addicted to power, totally contemptuous of ideals." (1:55)

Lionel asks Laura, "Are you crazy?" (2:15)