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Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams, Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan, Harvey Fierstein, Polly Holliday, Lisa Jakub, Robert Prosky, Mara Wilson, Matthew Lawrence, Anne Haney, Sydney Walker, Martin Mull, Terence McGovern
Robin Williams | nicotine | tobacco
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Voice actor Daniel Hillard tells his interior designer wife Miranda, "Maybe we can go to a family therapist." (0:10)

By telephone Daniel's make-up artist brother Frank tells their mother, "Ma, he's not really in the mood to talk."
”Well, yeah, depressed, you know.”
”Ma, I think he's in a little bit of denial.” (0:12)

Judge: "Mr. and Mrs. Hillard, although these custody proceedings have always tended to favor the mother... however... it is the court's ruling to award sole custody to Mrs. Hillard."
”If this proves to be a possibility for you, I will consider a joint custody arrangement...” (0:14)

Daniel tells the court liaison, "I'm crazy to make a deal with you." (0:19)

Client Stu Dunmeyer tells Miranda, "I mean I was just worried about coming in here." (0:22)

By telephone, Daniel, imitating an applicant for the job of Nanny, tells Miranda, "I don't work with the males, ‘cause I used to be one." (0:30)

Frank and his assistant Jack make Daniel up to look like a woman. Daniel dresses like a woman. (0:33)

Daniel, now as nanny Euphegenia Doubtfire, tell Miranda, "I'm not a therapist." (0:39)

Daniel: "Oh, Norman Bates." (0:48)

Mrs. Doubtfire tells the children, "Go pump your neurons." (0:54)

Miranda's daughter Lydia tells Mrs. Doubtfire, referring to her mother, "She hasn't been in this good a mood since..." (0:58)

Stu tells the children, "It was like Jaws." (1:03)

Daniel tells studio general manager Jonathan Lundy, "This is insane."
”It's insane. What kind of idiot kept this guy on the air for 25 years?” (1:10)

Mrs. Doubtfire tells Miranda, referring to Mrs. Sellner, "She's a social worker, dear, really."
”But I always say, the bad times fade away, and the good ones adhere themselves to your memory.”
Miranda, referring to Mrs Doubtfire's deceased husband Winston, ”He was an alcoholic.” (1:12)

Mrs. Doubtfire tells Stu, "We'd be re-enacting the Titanic."
”This is beyond obsession.” (1:18)

Stu tells his friend Ron, referring to Miranda's children, "... I'm crazy about them..."
Mrs. Doubtfire tells stew, ”Don't worry.” (1:21)

Mrs. Doubtfire tells Miranda, "I have to randomly ingest just a little bit of nicotine, and it steels my wool." (1:30)

Miranda asks Daniel, "Why in God's name are you dressed like a woman?" (1:42)

Daniel tells the judge, "In regards to my behavior, I can only plead insanity, because ever since my children were born, the moment I looked at them, I was crazy about them, and once I held them, I was hooked. I'm addicted to my children, sir."
Judge: ”It is this court's decision to award full custody to Mrs. Hillard.”
”I am suggesting a period of psychological testing and perhaps treatment for you, Mr. Hillard.” (1:47)

Miranda tells the children, "Oh, guys, please don't be so depressed."
”Don't worry, we will find someone.” (1:50)

Television character Kovacs tells Mrs. Doubtfire, referring to movies, "Oh, Cheetah, Planet of the Apes." (1:51)

Daniel tells Miranda, "I can only see them now with supervision, some woman who comes and watches me with the kids, like I'm some sort of deviate." (1:55)

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