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Night Moves

Gene Hackman, Jennifer Warren, Susan Clark, Edward Binns, Harris Yulin, Kenneth Mars, Janet Ward, James Woods, Melanie Griffith, Anthony Costello, John Crawford, Dennis Dugan, Max Gail
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Detective Harry Moseby tells his wife Ellen, referring to a job, "I’d go bananas there in one week."
Ellen: ”Charles and I are going to see a Rohmer film, My Night at Maud’s.” (0:03)

Delly Granstner’s actress mother Arlene Iverson tells Harry, "I’m used to her staying out nights, so at first I didn’t worry."
”She smokes marijuana...” (0:04)

Harry listens to a recording referring to Arlene’s mother: "... died 35, self-inflicted gunshot... divorce... grounds mental cruelty..." (0:07)

Theater marquee; "My NIght at Maud’s" (0:08)

Ellen tells Harry, "Don’t start with the sporting metaphors." (0:18)

Joey Ziegler tells Harry, referring to stunt pilot Marv Ellman, "Crazy bastard..." (0:20)

Joey tells Harry, "... I am gettin’ drunk" (0:24)

Joey tells Harry, referring to Arlene’s husband Tom Iverson, "He’s another guy that can only do one thing, and that has gotta be crazy." (0:26)

Paula tells Harry, "Like that craze for baby alligators in New York..." (0:31)

Tom Iverson: "If I go up on the mainland now, I get nervous." (0:36)

Arlene’s daughter Delly Grastner tells a dock hand, referring to Harry, "This old pervert keeps flashing on me." (0:41)

Paula asks Harry, "You’re worried about sharks with Delly in the water?"
Referring to Delly: ”She panicked and took in water.” (0:46)

Harry tells Delly, "... don’t worry..." (0:58)

Joey tells Harry, "I think you’re crazy." (1:06)

Harry asks Arlene, referring to Delly’s death, "That why you’re in mourning?"
”So I’m not grief-stricken.” (1:18)

Mechanic Quentin tells Harry, "You’re crazy."
”It was crazy.” (1:20)

Joey tells Harry, referring to Marv, "He was a crazy son-of-a-bitch..." (1:21)

Harry asks Paula, "What was in Marv Ellman’s plane, drugs? Was it drugs?"
Paula: ”No drugs... The crazy bastards had been at it for months. It’s crazy, the whole thing. Crazy.” (1:27)

Paula tells Harry, referring to Tom, "... he was the only man around who got nicer as he got drunk." (1:29)