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Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Louis Calhern, Leopoldine Konstantin , Reinhold Schünzel, Moroni Olsen, Ivan Triesault
Cary Grant
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A woman party guest tells her dance partner, "This time of night, you're mad." (0:04)

Convicted Nazi spy’s daughter Alicia Huberman tells federal agent Devlin, "Drunken driving."
Highway patrolman: ”Drunk, huh?” (0:08)

Devlin tells Alicia, referring to her father, "He died this morning."
Alicia: ”He did it himself?” (0:17)

Alicia tells Devlin, "I'm practically on the wagon."
Devlin: ”You've been sober for eight days.” (0:19)

Alicia tells Devlin, "You're sore because you've fallen for the little drunk you tailed in Miami..." (0:21)

Alicia tells Devlin, "The time has come when... this madness between us can't go on any longer." (0:28)

Alexander Sebastian's mother Anna asks Alexander, referring to Alicia, "Wouldn't it be a little too much if we both grinned at her like idiots?" (0:46)

Alicia asks Devlin, "You idiot, what are you sore about?" (0:48)

Alicia answers, "Yes, something rather confusing."
Secret Service officer Prescott: ”I think so far everything has been managed with great intelligence.” (0:52)

Senora Ortiz tells Devlin, "Young men usually have short memories." (1:04)

Sebastian tells Anna, referring to Alicia, "I must have been insane, mad, behaved like an idiot, to believe in her with her clinging kisses." (1:18)

Alicia answers Devlin, "No, hangover."
”Fresh air isn't as good for a hangover as I thought.”
Devlin: ” You're still tight.” (1:23)

Prescott tells Devlin, referring to Alicia, "Say, that must be quite a binge she's on."
”Well, you said she was drinking last week, drunk when you saw her.”
Devlin: ”She wasn't drunk.”
Prescott: ”Well, still sounds like a hangover to me.” (1:30)

Devlin tells Alicia, "I couldn't stand any more waiting and worrying about you. That wasn't a hangover you had that day."
Alicia: ”They gave me pills to sleep.” (1:34)

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