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On the Town

Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Ann Miller, Jules Munshin, Vera-Ellen, Betty Garrett, Florence Bates, Alice Pearce
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Anthropologist Claire Huddesen tells sailor Ozzie, "Oh, now, don’t be moody." (0:20)

Cabbie Brunhilde “Hildy” Esterhazy’s roommate Lucy Shmeeler tells sailor Chip, "Goodbye, Mr. Chips." (0:34)

Lucy tells sailor Gabey, "... I’m just a streetcar named impulsive."
”Did you see The Lost Weekend?” (1:10)

Gabey tells Lucy, "Don’t you worry." (1:16)

Chip tells Gabey, "I got kind of worried that you wouldn’t come back." (1:24)

All three sailors dress in women’s dance costumes. (1:30)

Reference in The Notebook