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One Night in Miami...

Kingsley Ben-Adir, Eli Goree, Aldis Hodge, Leslie Odom Jr., Lance Reddick, Joaquina Kalukango, Nicolette Robinson, Beau Bridges
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Boxing announcer: "it's a shocking cut above his left eye." (0:00)

Nightclub manager Jules: "Even that guy knows, and he looks like an idiot." (0:04)

Television reporter Mike Wallace: "While city officials, state agencies, white liberals, and sober-minded Negroes stand idly by..." (0:12)

Football player Jim Brown asks boxer Cassius Clay, "Are you insane?"
Minister Malcolm X tells singer Sam Cooke, ”You’re out of your mind, Sam.” (0:34)

Jim answers, "Sam’s stash." (0:42)

Sam: "Well, your paranoia is really cramping my style, Malcolm."
Cassiuis tells Jim, ”Man, I had to do something to lighten the mood.”
Sam: ”You lost your mind?”
Sam tells Malcolm, ”... sometimes I feel like you just like all the rest of them people out there, obsessed with the stars.” (0:53)

Malcolm asks Sam, "... for all the others... who had their own self-destructive dreams and didn’t make it, what’ve they left behind?"
Referring to Cassius: ”He came to me for insight.”
Cassius: ”I’m just a little nervous is all.”
Sam, referring to Elijah Muhammad: ”Never says nothing about the crooked Black alderman who’s... pushin’ drugs...” (1:05)

Malcolm tells Cassius, "If there’s any, any part of you that, that believes that our time together has been motivated in any way by selfishness or, or opportunism on my part... walk away from me..." (1:36)