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Out of Sight (1998)

George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Ving Rhames, Don Cheadle, Catherine Keener, Dennis Farina, Steve Zahn, Albert Brooks, Luis Guzmán, Isaiah Washington
crack cocaine | marijuana | nicotine | Nicorette | Drug Enforcement Administration
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U.S. Marshal Karen Cisco grabs a package labeled Nicorette Gum. (0:13)

Escaped convict Jack Foley asks Karen, "You mean of Bonnie and Clyde?"
Karen, referring to the movie: ”Network...”
Jack: ”Another movie I liked with Faye Dunaway was Three Days of the Condor.” (0:19)

Hoodlum Glenn “Studs” Michaels tells Karen, "You know, I had to go over there in the bushes to smoke a joint..." (0:24)

FBI agent Daniel Burdon tells Karen, "Instead, let’s talk about how you got that bump on our head." (0:33)

Studs tells Karen, "You know what, if I wasn’t stoned, there is no way that you would have talked me into this." (0:34)

Convict Richard Riplehy tells Jack, "Don’t worry." (0:38)

Buddy Bragg asks Jack, referring to Karen, "Worrying about a woman who works for law enforcement?" (0:40)

Her FBI agent boyfriend Ray Nicolette tells Karen and her detective father Marshall, "Linares goes nuts, starts shootin’..." (0:42)

By telephone, Jack tells Karen, "I’m just worried maybe I’m not old enough for you." (0:43)

Maurice “Mad Dog” Miller tells Studs, "You know, I don’t just deal product and manage fighters no more."
”Person I’m worried about is you, Glenn.”
”Do this cross-dressing nigger named Eddie Solomon I used to sell to, been dealin’ on his own...”
Studs: ”You wanna go pop some crack dealer pissed you of, man, that is your problem...” (0:57)

Studs tells Jack and Buddy Bragg, "Listen, man, these guys are crazy." (1:02)

Karen tells detective Raymond Cruz, "Listen, Ray, about a year ago, DEA had a guy, Glenn Michaels, on possession with intent."
Cruz, referring to Mad Dog: ”He’s a... wack job...” (1:06)

Jack asks Ripley, "What are you, stoned?" (1:13)

Salesman Andy tells Karen, "I think I know why you’re depressed." (1:17)

Karen tells Jack, "Adele said you do that when you’re nervous." (1:22)

Jack tells Karen, "Most bank robbers are... morons." (1:26)

Mad Dog asks Jack, "Look, what you worried about Glenn for?" (1:33)

Mad Dog asks Jack, "You a little nervous?" (1:48)