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Pain and Glory

Antonio Banderas, Asier Etxeandía, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Nora Navas, Julieta Serrano, Penélope Cruz, Raúl Arévalo , Cecilia Roth, Susi Sánchez, Pedro Casablanc, Agustin Almodóvar
cocaine | heroin | nortriptyline | Pamelor | oxycodone | Marilyn Monroe
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Dolor y Gloria

Film director Salvador Mallo narrates: "Soon I found insomnia, chronic pharyngitis, otitis, acid reflux... I also suffer from aches of the soul, like panic and anxiety, that add angst and horror to my life, and, of course. I have struggled with depression for years." (0:10)

Actor Alberto Cresp tells Salvador, "Listen, I’m gonna chase the dragon."
”And why do you want to try heroin now?” (0:15)

"We even chased the dragon together." (0:24)

Alberto prepares heroin on foil. He and Salvador chase the dragon. (0:28)

Alberto sees a document "The Addiction" on Salvador’s computer. (0:30)

Alberto tells Salvador, "I just read The Addiction." (0:31)

Alberto tells Salvador, "I’m not a drug dealer, man." (0:32)

Salvador tells Alberto, referring to the audience, "I don’t want them to see me drugged and hesitant."
”Hey, that was before, and I didn’t smoke heroin.” (0:34)

Salvador insufflates a line of cocaine.
By telephone, Salvador tells the audience, ”I conceived a dynamic character, a funny, sarcastic cocaine addict. Alberto didn’t have the lightness I was asking for, not because he was incapable, but because he used the opposite drug of his character, heroin...”
Salvador tells Alberto, ”Before filming, you promised me you wouldn’t use heroin.”
Alberto: ”You’re... crazy.” (0:36)

Salvador crushes pills, dissolves them in water, and drinks the solution. (0:38)

Salvador buys drugs from a dealer (0:41)

His student Eduardo tells young Salvador, "I’m a little nervous." (0:44)

His assistant Mercedes asks Salvador, "How do you get the oxycodone?" (0:46)

Salvador appears to roll a joint or cigarette in heroin before smoking it. (0:47)

An older woman tells Salvador’s mother, "You can’t be so selfish, Jacinta."
”Don’t worry.” (0:50)

Salvador tells Alberto, "I’ll give you the rights to interpret The Addiction."
Alberto: ”If you really give me The Addiction, I’ll get completely into it.”
”Don’t worry.”
Referring to old magazines: ”You appear in some of them... dressed as a woman.”
Salvador: ”... and give me your dealer’s address.”
Salvador smokes heroin.
Alberto: ”I’m lowering my dose just enough to be able to work.” (0:53)

Alberto, acting from Salvador’s script: "... he confessed he had started to fool around with heroin... I drank and sniffed cocaine like everybody else, but heroin, never." (1:00)

Poster: "Addiction" (1:01)

Alberto, acting before an audience: "While Marcelo recovered from the cravings, I took care of him and wrote... the cravings were short... I remember... Marcelo and I drunk... The only reason for those trips was... escaping from heroin... I believed the strength of my love would defeat the addiction.... Not with Natalie Wood or Marilyn..." (1:01)

Movie poster: "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." (1:05)

By telephone, Alberto tells Salvador, "I didn’t say anything about your chasing the dragon." (1:07)

By telephone, Federico Delgado tells Salvador, "I went to see The Addiction." (1:08)

Salvador prepares heroin, then blows the powder into the air without using it. (1:10)

Federico tells Salvador, "At the time, the heroin routes didn’t come through Argentina... I couldn’t use because there wasn’t any heroin, so that was the best way to get clean"
”I want you... to come eat at the restaurant, to get drunk together.” (1:12)

Salvador prepares to use heroin, then flushes it down the toilet. Instead, he crushes more pills.
By telephone, Salvador answers Mercedes, ”Just an anxiolytic and some tequila shots. Now I’m going to take my legal dose of crushed pills with yogurt.” (1:18)

Salvador tells Dr. Galindo, "The oxycodone has almost no effect."
Galindo: ”We’ll have to change the painkiller.”
Salvador: ”I was in a very low mood.”
Mercedes: ”Yes, he’s been very depressed.”
Salvador: ”I started using heroin.”
”Am I gonna have withdrawal symptoms?”
Galindo: ”A little, but with a compassionate and controlled detox, you won’t suffer.”
Salvador: ”With anxiolytics and an iron will.”
Galindo: ”... your mind already knows the effect of the heroin.... Are you still taking Pamelor for your head?”
Salvador: ”... insomnia...”
”My mother died four years ago.”
Galindo: ”I’m switching the oxycodone for a different opioid. The idea of heroin will cross your mind.”
”I’m going to extend your prescriptions...” (1:20)

Galindo tells Mercedes, referring to Salvador, "Save him at least two days of anxiety." (1:24)

Mercedes tells Salvador, "It’s the first time I’ve heard you say you haven’t gotten over your mother’s death." (1:27)

Jacinta tells Salvador, "... when your father died, I asked if you wanted me to come live with you." (1:31)

Salvador tells Mercedes, referring to Jacinta, "The poor woman died in the hospital’s ICU, alone." (1:34)

Eduardo tells Jacinta, referring to Salvador, "... when he fainted, I brought him here."
Jacinta asks Salvador, ”You fainted?” (1:40)

Another doctor tells Salvador, "But don’t worry." (1:42)

Salvador tells Mercedes, referring to Eduardo, "... it’d be crazy to look for him." (1:46)

The surgeon tells Salvador, "... don’t worry, okay?" (1:47)