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George C. Scott, Karl Malden, Michael Bates, Edward Binns, Lawrence Dobkin, John Doucette, James Edwards, Frank Latimore
Hermann Goering
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Lieutenant General George S. Patton, addressing the troops: "Don’t worry about it." (0:03)

Patton tells a doctor, "I understand you have two cases of, uh, self-inflicted wounds."
”There’ll be no battle fatigue in my command.”
”Battle fatigue is a free ride...” (0:26)

Patton: "Capt. Richard N. Jenson was a fine boy, loyal, unselfish and efficient." (0:52)

Patton: "My God, don’t they know we took on the Hermann Goering division...?" (1:12)

General Bernard Montgomery asks another officer, "Ah, Freddie, do you realize what this madman Patton’s saying?" (1:14)

Sgt. William George Meeks tells Patton, "I got you sleeping pills from the doc, sir, just in case you might need them."
Patton: ”Sleeping pills?” (1:39)

Patton tells Lieutenant General Omar N. Bradley, "Hitler’s own people tried to kill him..." (2:03)

Bradley tells Patton, "Mr. Churchill wants those rocket bases destroyed. Hitler is killing more civilians in London than he is soldiers in the field." (2:11)

Colonel General Alfred Jodl: "I’ll kill myself, like the Fuhrer." (2:36)

Lieutenant General Walter Bedell Smith, by telephone: "George, you’re mad. You’re absolutely out of your mind." (2:44)

Patton tells aide Lieutenant Colonel Charles R. Codman, "I’m mad." (2:44)

Reference in Forget Paris