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Phone Booth

Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland, Forest Whitaker, Katie Holmes, Radha Mitchell, Richard T. Jones, Paula Jai Parker, Arian Waring Ash, Tia Texada
Ted Bundy | Jeffrey Dahmer
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Narrator: "It used to be a mark of insanity to see people talk to themselves." (0:02)

Publicist Stuart Shepard tells his assistant Adam, "Don’t worry, Fluffy..." (0:04)

By telephone Stu tells Lana, "Tony Award winning producer Jeffrey Sharp tossed his wife back into drug rehab today." (0:06)

By telephone, Stu tells his girlfriend Pamela McFadden, "Pam, could you believe some nutcase just tried to deliver me a pizza to a phone booth?"
”Don’t worry about it.” (0:10)

By telephone, The Caller tells Pam, "Don’t worry about that." (0:16)

Caller: "I was worried there for you, Stu."
Stu: ”... you’re obviously a very intelligent man, and I know what stress does to you. It’s all I can do from going crazy myself sometimes.”
Caller: ”You’re calling me crazy?”
”Feeling kind of nervous, Stu?” (0:18)

By telephone, Stu tells his wife Kelly Shepard, "Don’t worry." (0:20)

The Caller tells Stu, "He thought he was an artist and wouldn’t admit that he was just a pedophile..." (0:24)

Leon tells Stu the girls told him, "Leon, we’re gonna make you nuts..."
Stu: ”I absolutely sympathize...” (0:25)

Caller: "Don’t worry." (0:32

Police Captain Ed Ramey asks police Sergeant Jonah Cole, "Suicide by cop?" (0:33)

Caller: "... you put one dead body in the middle of a busy street, and it makes people crazy." (0:34)

Stu answers Ramey: "My psychiatrist."
”It’s privileged information.”
Ramey: ”I’ve been through therapy myself... stress. I had issues.” (0:36)

Stu tells The Caller, "Listen, don’t... worry about my credibility, all right?" (0:40)

Cole tells Ramey, "... we’ll need a warrant if he’s on the line with his shrink." (0:40)

Stu tells The Caller, "Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacey,... Jeffrey Dahmer."
Caller: ”Stu, you must think I’m crazy.” (0:41)

The Caller, referring to Kelly: "She’s sick with worry." (0:43)

Ramey asks Kelly, referring to Stu, "Who’s his psychiatrist?"
Kelly: ”I think I’d know if he was in therapy.” (0:44)

Stu, referring to Kelly: "She’s stalking me."
”Go home, you... lunatic.” (0:46)

The Caller: "So your wife is a crazy actress stalker..." (0:46)

The hostage negotiator asks Ramey, "What are you seein’ a shrink for anyway, huh?" (0:47)

The Caller, referring to cops: ”I hope you weren’t pinning your hopes on those morons.” (0:49)

"Kelly... I was attracted to this other woman." (0:51)

The Caller: "You’re a selfish guy." (0:58)

The hostage negotiator tells Ramey, "... you’re looking at a suicide on national... TV." (0:58)

The Caller, referring to Ramey: "Okay, now he’s really testing my patience." (1:01)

Ramey: "That your psychiatrist on the phone, Stu?" (1:01

The Caller: "Bible-crazed killer picks on fashion-obsessed P.R. guy."
Stu: ”Kill myself?”
The Caller: ”It would be a rare, unselfish act.”
Stu: ”I’m... a publicist who has fantasies about pretty little actresses...” (1:04)

By telephone, a SWAT officer tells Ramey, referring to The Caller, "The son’-of-a-bitch psycho heard us coming and slashed his throat with a carpenter’s knife." (1:10)