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Private Parts (1997)

Howard Stern, Robin Quivers, Mary McCormack, Fred Norris, Paul Giamatti, Gary Dell'Abate, Jackie Martling, Carol Alt, Richard Portnow, Kelly Bishop
Adolf Hitler | B. F. Skinner | marijuana
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Entertainer, referring to Howard Stern as Fartman: "Oh, shock."
Stern, narrating: ”They just thought I was an idiot. You know, most of these people are satan-worshipping junkies.” (0:03)

Stern, narrating, referring to the passenger sitting next to him: "She thinks I’m a moron. In fact. All my life, people have told me I was a moron." (0:05)

Stern’s father Ben tells young Howard, "You’re a moron."
”Don’t be a moron.” (0:05)

One boy tells another, "Schvartzes are niggers, idiot." (0:09)

Close-up of drug paraphernalia, then Stern toking a joint
Stern, narrating: "Now, because I had such a miniscule schlonger, I turned to drugs. Unfortunately, the drugs really made me paranoid." (0:10)

Stern tells Alison, "In my... psychology class, we’re studying B. F. Skinner, and I started to realize that what Skinner says is true."
Alison: ”... I work with an outpatient program for schizophrenics. One of them actually killed himself, so I’m taking the whole group to the funeral on Saturday...” (0:14)

Station manager Moti asks Stern, "What are you, an idiot?"
Stern: ”No, sir, I’m not an idiot...”
Moti: ”I’m not psychiatrist.” (0:17)

Stern, narrating: "I was sort of living with Alison, while she worked on her masters of social work..."
Stern smoking a joint (0:18)

Theater marquee: "Die Watching"
Screening of Die Watching (0:26)

Stern, broadcasting: "My grandmother died last night." (0:38)

Stern, referring to his wife Alison: "She’s in town, like two minutes, and already she’s got a job working with a bunch of wackos.... Mentally challenged." (0:40)

Stern, broadcasting: "I’m in a good mood."
Stern tells newswoman Robin Quivers, ”You’re gonna ruin this woman’s mood.” (0:52)

His boss Dee Dee asks Stern, "Have you lost your mind?" (0:55)

Stern tells Alison, "I look like Hitler." (0:59)

Stern, broadcasting: "Oh, this is crazy."
Robin: ”I really think you need counseling.”
Stern: ”... and then Robin will analyze me when we get back from this song.” (1:02)

Alison tells Stern, "I can’t even look at you, idiot." (1:04)

Alison, on camera: "... but I think it’s right that I go crazy..." (1:04)

Filmmaker Gary Dell’Abate asks a naked woman, "What are you worried about?" (1:06)

Television reporter Douglas Kiker: "What you’re about to hear is going to shock you..." (1:08)

Program manager Kenny "Pig Vomit" Rushton tells network executive Roger Ehrlick, referring to Stern, "Either I’ll tame him, or I’ll make him so crazy, he’ll quit." (1:09)

On the air, Stern asks coworker Ross Buckingham, "When you went on stage the very first time, did you ever get nervous?"
Guest Donna Porter: ”I guess you could say I was a little nervous the first time I was ever on stage with a 12-inch Kielbasa.” (1:24)

Stern, broadcasting: "Now, I could be crazy..." (1:26)

Jerry answers: "Makes me nuts." (1:27)

Robin, on the air: "I am shocked." (1:30)

Ehrlick tells Rushton, referring to Stern, "He makes us sound like a bunch of idiots on the radio." (1:36)

Alison tells Stern, "My girlfriends think I’m crazy for letting you behave like that on the air."
Stern: ”They’re driving you crazy.”
”... if the place is driving you crazy, don’t go there.” (1:37)

Stuttering John (1:44)