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Promising Young Woman

Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, Alison Brie, Clancy Brown, Jennifer Coolidge, Laverne Cox, Connie Britton, Adam Brody, Max Greenfield, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Sam Richardson, Molly Shannon, Angela Zhou, Alfred Molina, Chris Lowell, Steve Monroe, Timothy E. Goodwin, Vince Lozano, Bryan Lillis, Casey Adams
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Jerry tells Cassandra “Cassie” Thomas, "... my roommate's out of town, so don't worry." (0:05)

Her coworker Gail tells Cassie, "... don't freak out, but I want you to know I recommended you for it."
”Johnny... said you were completely hammered and on your own. He was a little worried.” (0:09)

Writer Neil snorts cocaine. He tells Cassie, “You do coke, right?”
He rubs it in Cassie’s lips.
”Are you some kind of psycho or something?”
Cassie: ”Drunk?”
”Really drunk?”
Neil: ”I’m really high. Like, I’m really... high right now.”
Cassie: ”Why are you so freaked out, Neil? At least you didn't try to have sex with me while I was passed out.”
”... every week I act like I'm too drunk to stand...” (0:14)

Cassie tells Gail, referring to the suitcase her parents gave her for her birthday, "It's definitely the fanciest ‘get the... out of our house’ metaphor I’ve received so far." (0:22)

Her surgeon friend Ryan tells Cassie, referring to old classmate Madison McPhee, "She's completely obsessed." (0:32)

Cassie tells the waiter, "Don’t worry." (0:35)

Her medical school classmate Madison McPhee tells Cassie, "I haven't been day drunk In forever."
”Look, when you get that drunk, things happen. don't get blackout drunk all the time and then expect people to be on your side when you have sex with someone you don't want to.” (0:36)

By telephone, Madison tells Cassie, "I was pretty drunk... I”m freaking out a little..." (0:40)

Cassie tells Amber, "Don't worry about it."
Woman: ”I'm obsessed.”
Cassie: ”What a crazy coincidence.” (0:42)

Cassie tells Amber’s mother Dean Elizabeth Walker, referring to Al Monroe and Nina, "He had sex with her... while she was too drunk to have any idea what was going on."
”So she shouldn't have been drunk?”
Walker: ”You’re crazy.”
”Now, you sociopath...”
Cassie, referring to Amber: ”She’s kind of an idiot, huh?” (0:44)

A driver tells Cassie, "You psycho... Crazy... bitch." (0:50)

Paul asks Cassie, "Wait, are you sober?"
”You’re that psycho that Jerry took home.”
”Why don’t you take your crazy somewhere else?”
Cassie: ”... some of the other girls, they really are crazy.” (0:53)

Cassie: "You seem nervous, Mr. green." (0:55)

Lawyer Jordan Green tells Cassie, "I had what I think was an epiphany, but my doctors called it a psychotic episode... One drunk photo at a party... I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep. I haven’t slept in... I’ll never forgive myself..." (0:56)

Ryan tells Cassie, "Sorry if I’m confused." (1:03)

Cassie’s mother Susan tells Ryan, "I’m confused." (1:09)

Madison tells Cassie, "I know it seems kind of crazy, me waiting on your porch like some kind of stalker or something."
”I've been so worried...”
”After we had lunch and I got so drunk and woke up in a hotel room with that guy...”
”It was just one black out after next.” (1:12)

On a tape, Ryan says, "Whoa, this is insane." (1:17, 1:19)

Al Monroe tells Cassie, referring to Nina Fisher, "She’s dead."
Cassie: ”If there's one thing I learned that for us, it's how easy it is to slip something into a drink.”
Monroe: ”We were all drunk, of course.”
”You’re out of your... mind.”
Cassie: ”Don’t worry.”
Monroe: ”You’re insane.” (1:27)

Al‘s friend Joe: "Al, please, don’t freak out." (1:36)

Police detective Lincoln Waller tells Ryan, referring to Cassie, "... she wasn’t feeling so good, mentally, I mean."
”Do you think she might have wanted to hurt herself?” (1:42)