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Rachel, Rachel

Joanne Woodward, James Olson, Kate Harrington, Estelle Parsons, Donald Moffat, Terry Kiser, Franco Corsaro, Bernard Barrow, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Nell Potts, Shawn Campbell, Violet Dunn, Izzy Singer
Timothy Leary | lysergic acid diethylamide
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Graveyard (0:00)

Principal Leighton Siddley tells teacher Rachel Cameron, "You know you ought to take a nerve relaxer." (0:06)

Rachel tells her teacher friend, "Calla, if I want to hear people yell and slobber and make fools of themselves, I will go to an insane asylum."
”Well, I don't know whether you're talking about God or LSD.” (0:16)

Rachel’s undertaker father Niall Cameron removes the remains of a child from the hearse. (0:19)

Her mother May tells Rachel, "I never had one moment's worry with either one of my daughters." (0:23)

Rachel tells teacher Nick Kazlik, referring to keeping house for her mother, "I have since my father died."
”... when he died, I had to come back.” (0:28)

Calla tells Rachel, "I’m a sleepwalker." (0:30)

Rachael visits her father’s grave. (0:45)

Voice of doctor, on television show: "Just try to let the sedative take its effect now." (0:47)

Nick tells Rachael, "Don't waste your sympathy." (0:49)

Rachael tells Nick, referring to May, "She gets very worried about me when I'm not home on time" (0:52)

Nick tells Rachael, "Don’t worry, love." (0:56)

May tells Rachael, "... II forgot my sleepy-bye pill, too." (0:58)

May tells Rachael, referring to the caller, "He says it’s a Dr. Timothy Leary." (1:05)

Rachel asks Nick, "You know what I wish... so you wouldn't have all that worry about your father?..." (1:08)

May tells Rachael, "Doctor said I might have died from such a shock."
Rachael: ”What shock?” (1:12)

Rachael sees two boys in open casket in the funeral home. (1:17)

Hector: "You shock me, Rachael." (1:20)

Young Rachael watches Niall embalming a boy. (1:22)

Rachael imagines herself jumping from a window. (1:24)

Rachael tells Calla, "Well, I’m a very drunk, very pregnant lady, and I need a friend." (1:25)

The doctor tells Rachael, "It’s causing the symptoms, and it out to come out." (1:29)

Rachael asks May, "After all those sleepy-bye pills...?" (1:34)

Calla tells Rachael, "Not to worry." (1:36)