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Reversal of Fortune

Glenn Close, Jeremy Irons, Ron Silver, Annabella Sciorra, Uta Hagen, Fisher Stevens, Jack Gilpin, Christine Baranski
Truman Capote | Adolf Hitler | acetylsalicylic acid | amobarbital | diazepam | meperidine | Demerol | secobarbital | Seconal
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Sunny von Bülow: "Whether I was asleep or in a coma, later became a subject of dispute."
”By this time I was certainly in a deep coma... This first coma aroused suspicion and fear...” (0:03)

Sunny: "Second coma." (0:05)

Doctor: "We’d better do an EEG." (0:06)

Sunny: "I never woke from this coma."
”They sent Alex and a private investigator back to my Newport cottage, Clarendon Court, to search for drugs... insulin on admission was 14 times normal, a level almost surely caused by injection. Insulin injection could readily cause coma or death... my husband was accused of twice trying to murder me with injections of insulin.” (0:05)

Law professor Alan Dershowitz’s son Elon answers the phone, "Dershowitz Psychiatric Institute." (0:11)

Sunny’s husband Claus von Bülow tells Alan, "I should tell you that I have the greatest respect for the intelligence and integrity of the Jewish people." (0:12)

Clause tells Alan, "Two injections of insulin, already I’m a doctor." (0:13)

Maid Maria tells Claus, referring to Sunny, "She’s unconscious." (0:16)

Elon asks Alan, "How about the second coma?"
Alan: ”... but shortly before the second coma...”
”Three weeks later, Sunny’s lying unconscious in a freezing bathroom...”
”It reminds me of my Hitler dream... Hitler calls up...,” (0:17)

Alan tells another lawyer, "I’m a maniac." (0:18)

His lawyer associate Sarah tells Alan, "You’re out of your mind." (0:19)

Alan tells Claus, "I gather the older children denied Sunny had a problem with pills and alcohol."
Claus: “... the drugs prescribed for me were taken by Sunny.”
Alan: ”That’s a lot of drugs.”
Claus: ”But the prosecution’s allegation that I knew about syringes, injections... B12 injections...”
Referring to Sunny, and doctors: ”If we called one without her approval, she went berserk.” (0:20)

Law student Minnie tells Alan, "I’m really shocked..."
Alan: ”... you’re accused of molesting your son.” (0:23)

By telephone, Claus tells Alan, "A rather unsavory character called David Marriot contacted me, claiming to have information about a drug delivery at Clarendon Court." (0:26)

Sarah tells Alan, "You’re crazy." (0:28)

David Marriott tells Alan, "... a nice selection of pills, Demerol, like a drugstore."
Alan: ”You delivered drugs six times and didn’t know it?”
Marriott: ”Awful lot of pharmaceuticals for one person...”
Alan: ”You traffic with drug dealers and drag queens...” (0:30)

By telephone, Alan tells client Johnny, "I know your brother’s hysterical." (0:32)

Student: "She said Sunny did take Valium prescribed for Claus, and this Jamie Smather prescription..."
Alan, referring to Smather: ”She supplied Claus with Valium.”
Student: ”... Maria swears she first saw this Jamie Smather prescription February 14...”
”It wasn’t prescribed until the 28th.”
Alan: ”Memory enhancement.”
Sarah: ”A good lawyer is part psychiatrist...”
Minnie: ”It’s an interview with Truman Capote. He says when she was 19, Sunny von Bülow taught him how to inject drugs.” (0:33)

Alan tells Claus and Claus’s new girlfriend Andrea Reynolds, "... Mrs. Ruth Smythe gave us an affidavit corroborating Truman Capote."
Claus: ”They describe Sunny taking pills, getting drunk and falling down...”
”Two drinks and she became nasty, irrational.”
Alan: ”If... we can get documentation on Sunny’s drug use, then self-injection may be a plausible theory.”
”It’s not a prescription drug.”
Claus: ”Rumors... that I’m a necrophiliac...” (0:36)

Sunny: "Did Claus drive me crazy?... It’s true that I... had a problem with alcohol, took Valium and Seconal frequently... " (0:38)

Claus asks the team, using a play on words, "What do you give a wife who has everything... an injection of insulin... a fear of insulin: Claustrophobia."
Alan: ”Three weeks before her final coma, Sunny overdosed on aspirin.”
Minnie: ”So it was obviously a suicide attempt.” (0:41)

Alan asks Claus, "First coma, what preceded it?" (0:47)

Sunny appears intoxicated. (0:51)

Alan asks Claus, referring to Sunny, "If she was already soused, why’d you go for the Scotch?" (0:52)

Sunny tells Claus, "It’s your ego."
”You’re the Prince of Perversion.” (0:53)

Alan: "What happened when she regained consciousness?"
Claus: ”After the first coma...”
”Well, so much for the first coma.”
Alan: ”Your wife is laying in a coma.”
Alan tells the students, ”There were three drugs on the needle, right: amobarbital, Valium, insulin...” (0:56)

Alan tells the students, "Get a doctor to prepare five needles... with Valium, amobarbital and insulin, two with just Valium and amobarbital.."
Sarah, referring to Marriott: ”I’m afraid his memory might fade.” (0:59)

Sarah tells Alan, referring to encrustation on the tip of the needle, "Now, doctors tell us this is totally inconsistent with injection." (1:00)

Claus tells Alan, referring to Sunny, "... after the first coma she went into a complete rage." (1:01)

Sunny tells Claus, "My pills, you moron. Valium, Seconal." (1:01)

Alan asks Claus, "You realize the prosecution thinks you ground up the drugs so you could inject Sunny?"
Claus: ”It’s public record that Sunny used drugs... Her behavior here of hiding them in liquid so that no one would find them is classic alcoholic, buying pints of whiskey and stashing whiskey all over the house.”
Alan: ”... the more I believe you’re innocent, the more nervous I am.” (1:03)

Sunny: "To most of you my name means coma." (1:05)

Alan tells Sarah, "The cops tested the drugs from the illegal search, right?" (1:09)

Alan tells attorney Peter MacIntosh, "Because at one time or another, every man is driven crazy by his wife..." (1:11)

Marriott asks Alan, "Remember I gave Alex’s drugs to a woman at Clarendon Court?" (1:13)

A student tells Alan, "If Claus had injected her, he would have thrown away the needle..." (1:14)

Alan tells Claus, "Second coma..." (1:16)

Clause asks Alan, "Can you imagine anything more absurd than announcing your intention to divorce a woman who has just fallen into a coma?"
Panic, Alan, Panic.” (1:17)

A student tells Alan, "Our needle that had amobarbital and Valium..." (1:28)

Claus tells Alan and Student Chuck, "On the day of Sunny’s aspirin overdose..."
Chuck: ”Looks to me like Alexandra tried to force Sunny into suicide...” (1:31)

Sarah tells Elon, "... first coma, no problem... second coma..."
Alan: ”Wouldn’t any man feel guilty if his wife was suicidal?”
Sarah: ”So, maybe she took the sleeping pills.”
”So maybe she took the sleeping pills with the intention of killing herself...” (1:38)

Sunny swallows a solution of drugs she had prepared previously. (1:40)

Alan tells Sarah and Elon, "At exactly the same instant, the drugs hit."
Sarah: ”I think she took the barbiturates the previous night.” (1:41)

Title: "Sunny von Bulow has not spoken since she fell into her final coma." (1:48)