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River's Edge

Keanu Reeves, Crispin Glover, Dennis Hopper, Ione Skye, Daniel Roebuck, Joshua John Miller, Roxana Zal
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Young Tim asks Samson 'John' Tollet, "Got any dope?" (0:06)

Tim tells his older brother Matt, "Drug run, right?" (0:09)

Tim tells Matt’s friend Layne, "Look, I’m dying for a joint." (0:10)

Layne asks Matt, "What am I worried about?" (0:11)

Layne answers drug dealer Feck: "Just a couple joints."
Feck hands Layne two joints.
Layne: ”Well, thanks for the weed.” (0:13)

Feck places the muzzle of his revolver against his head and pulls the trigger as though to kill himself, but the hammer falls on an empty chamber.(0:14)

Layne tells friend Tony, "You... gave up cigarettes."
Their friend Maggie: ”Like get stoned.”
”We could all take off, discover America and make like we’re Easy Rider, plus five.” (0:14)

Layne tells John. "Crazy... story like that..."
”You crazy mother..., John.”
”You crazy...” (0:15)

Teacher Mr. Burkewaite: "... cops around you cracking skulls... but as crazy as it all seemed, though, there was a meaning in the madness..." (0:18)

Tim tells Layne, "Don’t worry." (0:26)

Tim tells Matt, "You pothead..." (0:26)

Matt and Tim’s nurse mother Madeleine asks Matt, "Why do I let you smoke dope in the house?"
Matt: ”Don’t worry.” (0:27)

His friend Clarissa tells Layne, referring to John, "His mother’s dead." (0:27)

John, by telephone: "Jesus, Layne, don’t worry about it." (0:31)

Layne tells John, "Okay, now we can’t panic..."
”We can’t panic, though. We’re dead if we panic.” (0:36)

Police detective Capt. Bennett asks Matt, "Were you shocked...”" (0:38)

Matt beats Tim. (0:45)

Feck: "No finer weed have you ever tasted. My sister, she drives this down from Humboldt, along with the regular Feckweed." (0:48)

Layne tells Clarissa, from outside her bedroom window, "It’s the mad rapist." (0:49)

Matt, referring to Tony’s father: "What a crazy... guy." (0:51)

Feck tells John, "I was getting worried."
John, referring to a cat: ”We could get it stoned... Got that special dope you promised?”
”Are you a psycho or something?”
Feck: ”Are you a psycho?”
John: ”For me, I get in a fight, I go... crazy, you know?”
Feck lights a bong.
John tells Feck, ”Get paranoid...” (0:52)

Clarissa tells Matt, referring to Layne, "Always has to be drunk, too. He’s like Layne: Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic... Do you have to be drunk before you can kiss a girl?"
”I’m too hyped up to sleep.” (0:59)

Clarissa tells Matt, "I told you he’s crazy." (1:02)

Tim finds Feck’s marijuana stash. (1:03)

Feck tells John, "You know, you’re a crazy mother..." (1:03)

Clarissa: "You trying to get me drunk, Matt?"
Matt: ”You couldn’t get stoned anymore.” (1:04)

John tells Feck, referring to Jamie, "She didn’t look too surprised, just a little stoned." (1:10)

Tim’s young friend Moko renders Feck unconscious with a blow to the head. (1:16)

Clarissa tells Matt, "Let’s get stoned instead."
Matt: ”I really do need to get stoned... I think I have some Feckweed left.” (1:18)

Madeleine tells Jim, "Your father beat the shit out of you."
Matt tells Madeleine, referring to Jim, ”Kick that idiot out of the house, then.”
”You got any spare dope?”
”Look, everything’s just a little crazy now... I’m gonna take this joint, and don’t worry about Tim, okay?” (1:19)

Maggie tells a reporter, "Yeah, it really shocked me."
”Yeah, that shocked me too.” (1:21)

Burkewaite tells a student, "Thank you, Kevin, for your insightful, self-righteous indignation."
”We’d be... half crazy from lack of sleep...” (1:23)

Matt smokes a joint. (1:25)

Clarissa tells the others, "I hear they’re having an open-casket funeral for Jamie..."
Clarissa asks Matt, ”Are you crazy?”
Mike: ”I say we just get the Russians stoned.” (1:27)

Grief overcomes Layne when he discovers the lifeless body of John. (1:31)

Feck tells the others, "I’m very tired and sort of depressed." (1:34)

Funeral for Jamie (1:35)