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Rome, Open City

Aldo Fabrizi, Anna Magnani, Marcello Pagliero, Vito Annicchiarico, Nando Bruno, Harry Feist, Giovanna Galletti, Francesco Grandjacquet
Adolf Hitler
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Roma città aperta

Roberto Rossellini's War Trilogy: Rome, Open City | Paisan | Germany, Year Zero

Policeman: "Pina, this is crazy in your condition."
Pina tells someone else, ”Go hang yourself.” (0:08)

Engineer Giorgio Manfredi tells Pina, "Don’t worry." (0:12)

Priest Agostino asks Pina, "You think I’m an idiot?"
Pina: ”Bye, Agostino, and stop worrying.”
Agostino: ”If this war isn’t over soon, I’ll go crazy.” (0:26)

Pina asks priest don Pietro Pellegrini, "How will we ever forget all this suffering, anxiety and fear?" (0:31)

A soldier tells others, referring to a woman, "Don’t worry..." (0:32)

Pina’s fiance Francesco tells Giorgio, referring to Don Pietro, "He’s worried."
Pina tells Francesco, referring to her son, ”I’m worried about Marcello.” (0:34)

Franceseco tells Girogio, referring to Pina’s father, "That’s his greatest worry." (0:38)

A Gestapo officer tells the chief of police, "Don’t worry." (0:45)

Man "Don’t worry."
”Don’t worry.” (0:49)

A woman tells Pina, "Don’t worry."
Policeman: ”Don’t worry.” (0:50)

Don Pietro asks young Romoletto, "You want to kill us all, you lunatic?" (0:52)

An old man asks Don Pietro, "Are you crazy?" (0:54)

Marina asks Pina’s sister Lauretta, "Are you drunk?" (1:03)

Marina tells Giorgio, referring to Lauretta, "That idiot was just what we needed."
Giorgio: ”Don’t worry.” (1:04)

Ingrid tells Marina, "Don’t worry." (1:14)

German soldiers: "Heil Hitler." (1:15)

A man tells Giorgio and Don Pietro, "You’re both crazy." (1:17)

Gestapo Maj. Bergmann tells Don Pietro, "Don’t worry."
A soldier tells Bergmann, ”The deserter hanged himself, sir.”
Bergmann: ”That idiot.” (1:25)

Bergmann tells a German captain, "Hartmann, you’re drunk." (1:29)

A soldier tells Bergmann, "Shall we try psychological methods, sir?"
Bergmann: ”Are you crazy?”
The soldier injects Giorgio (1:30)

Marina faints at the site of Giorgio’s tortured body. (1:36)