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Rue Mandar

Richard Berry, Emmanuelle Devos, Sandrine Kiberlain
Sigmund Freud | Jacques Lacan | bromazepam | Lexomil
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Family viewing open casket of matriarch Faiga
Son-in-law Serge: ”Claustrophobic.” (0:04)

Cemetery (0:05)

Faiga’s neighbor Mr. Tuesday: "Eat an egg to symbolize the ordeal of mourning. The mourners sit on the floor.”
”The egg symbolizes draught." (0:10)

Faiga’s psychoanalyst daughter, Serge’s wife, Rosemonde tells her sister Emma, "We inherited that phobia from Mum." (0:10)

Her patient on a couch tells Rosemonde, "I just want to rip him apart and nail him to a wall, like in Midnight Express."
”God, I feel like I’m in analysis.” (0:12)

Her son Elie tells Rosemonde, "You’re hysterical." (0:14)

Rosemonde’s brother Charles tells the others, "Between Rosemonde’s patients and..."
”It depresses me.” (0:16)

Faiga, referring to her friend: "He lost his wife Esther, too." (0:20)

Rosemonde’s sister Emma tells the others, "It’s crazy."
Rosemonde: ”That’s completely mad.”
”I have patients.”
Emma: ”My sister’s a shrink.” (0:25)

His wife Aline tells Charles, "You’re raving mad." (0:31)

Rosemonde’s patient, while Rosemonde texts: "My subconscious told me to put on a raincoat..."
Rosemonde, by telephone: ”I’m with a patient. Can I call you back?” (0:33)

Serge asks Rosemonde, "Any more patients?" (0:35)

Documentary filmmaker Simon tells Emma, referring to his mother, "... the toilet into the kitchen obsessed her." (0:36)

A gendarme tells Charles, referring to Rosemonde, "Your sister has taken a sedative, so we drove her here." (0:44)

Rosemonde tells the others, "I took too much Lexomil."
”I’m not drunk. I took Lexomils.”
Charles: ”Stop analyzing every fart.”
Emma: ”Don’t worry.”
Guy: ”The abundance of the seed symbolizes fecundity.”
”Is this the mood for prayer?”
Emma: ”If I’d known, I’d have economized 15 years therapy. I paid for my analyst’s eternity pool.” (0:45)

Serge tells Rosemonde, "You know you’re mad." (0:53)

Charles tells Aline, "You make me regress."
Lacan, Freud and company” (0:57)

Emma: "I’m going nuts." (0:59)

Emma tells Simon, "My sister would note that Freudian slip."
Simon: ”I’m mad about this place.” (1:01)

Her patient tells Rosemonde, "But I wanted to jump out the window."
”I stood on the ledge and said stop or I’ll jump off.” (1:05)

Aline and Charles in psychotherapy session (1:07)

Aline calls Charles, "You nutter."
Charles: ”You’re mad.” (1:08)

Rosemonde tells Charles, "You’re a nutcase." (1:15)

Rosemonde tells Serge, "That’s what worries me." (1:17)

Mr. Tuesday tells Emma, "I was worried because I thought there was an untimely visitor." (1:22)

Emma answers Charles, "Because I’m pissed." (1:26)