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Same Time, Next Year

Alan Alda, Ellen Burstyn, Ivan Bonar, Bernie Kuby
Cary Grant | Elvis Presley | chlordiazepoxide | Librium
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Accountant George tells Doris, "Dorothy, in the first place, I want you to know that what happened last night was the most beautiful, wonderful, crazy thing that’s ever happened to me."
”Why, do you think I’m some kind of a pervert or something?”
”I mean, it’s crazy. It’s really crazy.” (0:07)

George: "I tell you, Doris, I feel like slitting my wrists."
”We’re both crazy.” (0:12)

George tells Doris, "I was under a certain stress, or I wouldn’t have done it."
Doris, referring to her mother-in-law: ”Yeah, but she blocks that out of her mind.”
”Sometimes I think I’m crazy.”
”Don’t worry.”
”Look, I was nervous.”
”That would be crazy.”
Doris: ”Well, you’re pretty crazy.”
George, referring to his oldest son Michael: ”I’m kinda worried about him.” (0:19)

George tells Doris, referring to his wife Helen, "I have this mental picture of her at my funeral..."
Referring to Michael: ”Crazy as ever.”
Doris: ”You’re crazy about him, aren’t you?” (0:32)

Doris tells George, referring to her husband Harry, "It’s a compulsion to talk people out of things... He kind of lacks the killer instinct." (0:38)

George tells Doris, "I’m an idiot. I suspect I’m deeply neurotic..." (0:44)

Theater marquee: "ELVIS PRESLEY IN LOVE ME TENDER" (0:44)

By telephone, George corrects his mother’s pronunciation: "It’s impotence, not impotence." (0:45)

Doris tells George, "You’re impotent."
George: ”The patient’s not dead, just resting.” (0:53)

Doris answers George, "Catatonic."
George: ”What kind of a pervert am I?”
Doris: ”If memory serves me correctly, I just had a labor pain.”
George: ”I brought this on with my selfishness.”
Doris: ”You’re not gonna faint, are you?”
George: ”There’s nothing to worry about.” (0:54)

Doris tells George, "Harry’s boss invited us over for dinner, and I just freaked."
George: ”I think I’ll try a Librium.” (1:09)

Doris asks George, "Why are you so uptight?"
Doris: ”Uptight?”
George: ”There’s a Harvard professor telling my kids the only way to happiness is to become doped up zombies.”
Doris: ”When you start worrying about the declining morality of the young.”
Referring to Harry: ”... when I told him I wanted to go back to school to get some identity, he said to me, ‘You want identity, go build a bridge, invent penicillin...” (1:11)

George tells Doris, "I mean, I have no desire to be like those middle-aged idiots who walk around in bell-bottom trousers..."
Doris: ”You used to be kind of crazy and insecure...”
George: ”It’s so confusing.”
Doris: ”When you went from pompous to confused.”
”Well, if you think I’m going to bed with any son-of-a-bitch who voted for Goldwater, you’re crazy.”
George: ”Because Michael was killed.”
”Helen went completely to pieces. I thought I was in shock...” (1:17)

George tells Doris, referring to Helen, "She didn’t want to take a sleeping pill..."
Dorry: ”Don’t worry.”
George: ”... after we made love, I noticed a certain anxiety reduction...”
Doris: ”When did you go into analysis?”
George: ”How did you know I was in analysis?”
Doris: ”So you went from analysis to Esalen to Gestalt to encounter group to transactional to nirvana.”
”... as though you’re reasoning with somebody about to jump from a high ledge.”
George: ”... sometimes I tend to overcompensate for my emotionalism...”
George: ”it’s only natural that there'd’ be some interpersonal conflicts to work through.”
Doris: ”Don’t look so panicky, George.”
”Don’t worry.” (1:26)

By telephone, George tells Harry, "... sometimes married people get into an emotional straight jacket..." (1:41)

Elvis Presley (1:42)

Doris tells George, "You always were a sex maniac." (1:43)

George tells Doris, referring to Helen, "She passed away, Doris. I lost her six months ago."
Doris: ”... I feel like I've just lost my best friend.”
”... Cary Grant...” (1:47)