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Scenes from a Marriage

Liv Ullmann, Erland Josephson, Bibi Andersson, Jan Malmsjö, Gunnel Lindblom, Anita Wall, Barbro Hiort af Ornas
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Johan tells the interviewer, "I’m not particularly nervous."
Johan’s family law attorney wife Marianne, referring to her first husband: ”He was very kind, and I was crazy about him.”
”We expected our mothers to be shocked...”
Madly in love.” (0:01)

Peter’s wife Katarina, both friends of Marianne and Johan, tells the others, "Unfortunately, Peter will back down again before he sobers up... when Peter talks about splitting up, then I know how drunk he is..."
Peter, referring to Katarina: ”... she has an IQ of I don’t know what...”
Child abuse could possibly be worse...”
”Now Peter’s the only one who cares and has the proper patience.”
”I’m pretty drunk.” (0:14)

Marianne tells Johan, "And that’s insane." (0:25)

Johan tells Marianne, "You suffer from a maternal persecution complex." (0:30)

By telephone, Johan tells his mother, referring to himself and Marianne, "We’re healthy, cheerful and insanely happy... Don’t worry... Your intuition?" (0:33)

Johan tells a colleague, "Yes, it makes you nervous."
Colleague: ”I gave up smoking six days ago...”
Johan: ”Having withdrawal symptoms?”
”I guess the withdrawal symptoms colored your view. You appear stressed.”
Colleague: ”It was just my craving talking.” (0:36)

A woman client tells Marianne, "I have a mental picture of myself that doesn’t correspond to reality." (0:44)

Marianne tells Johan, "Instead of brooding, you just spit it out."
”You’re nice... for a moron.”
Johan: ”Don’t worry.” (0:49)

Marianne tells Johan, "And here I was worried you might be angry with me."
Johan: ”It makes you wonder about the idiots in charge of our well-being.”
”I didn’t want to worry you.”
”Don’t worry.”
”I don’t want your sympathy.”
Marianne: ”I wake up on my own anyway, so you don’t have to worry.”
Johan, referring to his lover Paula: ”She has no illusions.” (0:55)

Marianne tells Johan, "Standing here in the hall makes me nervous."
Johan: ”I feel nervous too.”
Marianne: ”You said yourself that she’s insanely jealous.”
Johan: ”... I’m in such a good mood.” (1:30)

Johan asks Marianne, "Why not ask a psychiatrist?"
Marianne, referring to her psychiatrist: ”We did have sex a few times...”
”... something funny did strike me, but I haven’t told my therapist yet.”
”My therapist told me to jot down everything that pops into my head...”
”Maybe I’m a masochist...”
Johan: ”Why worry about tomorrow?”
Marianne: ”It’s not unselfishness, as I used to believe.” (1:36)

Marianne tells Johan, "On my way over, I was in a good mood."
Johan: ”You really are in a good mood.”
Marianne: ”Don’t worry about that.”
”Close your eyes, or I’ll feel self-conscious.”
Johan: ”Are you out of your mind?”
”You have custody.”
Marianne: ”Your idiotic sarcasm drives me crazy.”
Johan: ”I should have beaten you.”
”Your behavior’s deeply rooted.”
”In your case, that’s all blocked.”
Marianne: ”Talk about deluding ourselves.”
”Be so kind as to refresh my memory.”
”You’re completely out of your mind.”
”Please don’t brood.”
”You’re tired and drunk.”
Johan: ”Has he gone crazy?”
Marianne: ”You’re crazy.” (1:58)

Marianne tells Johan, "This is silly, but I’m as nervous as if it were the first time."
”I was obsessed by this new situation.”
Referring to her husband Hendrik: ”He said I was too histrionic...”
Johan: ”Do you really think I care about your orgasms with that workaholic?”
”It’s mental group sex to the max.” (2:28)

Marianne asks Johan, "Are we living in utter confusion?"
”Sometimes it grieves me that I’ve never loved anyone.”
Johan: ”I love you in my selfish way.” (2:44)