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Sex, Lies, and Videotape

CastJames Spader, Andie MacDowell, Peter Gallagher, Laura San Giacomo, Ron Vawter, Steven Brill, Alexandra Root, Earl T. Taylor, David Foil
Year released1989
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Ann Bishop Mullany in psychotherapy session:
Psychotherapist: ”Well, last week we talked about your obsession with families of airline fatalities.”
”If you think about it, I think you'll see that the object of your obsession is invariably something negative which you have no control over.”
”... how many people do you think run around obsessing over how great and how happy things are? Maybe they do, but I don't think they're in therapy.” (0:00)

By telephone, lawyer John asks a friend, "So what are you worried about?" (0:02)

Ann in psychotherapy session: "... Then I started worrying that my dead grandfather was maybe watching me." (0:07)

Ann tells John's old friend Graham Dalton, referring to her bartender sister Cynthia Patrice Bishop, "... I think she's an extrovert."
Ann, referring to keys: ”Don't have to worry about losing them.” (0:16)

Ann tells Graham, "I'm getting confused."
Graham: ”I'm impotent.”
”So, for all practical purposes I'm impotent.”
Ann: ”You know, my therapist...”
Graham: ”You're in therapy?”
”I was a miserable failure in therapy.”
Ann: “So you don't believe in therapy?”
Graham: ”I was confused going in...”
”I wasn't always impotent.” (0:23)

Psychotherapy session:
Ann tells her psychotherapist, referring to John and Graham, ”... talking about getting drunk together...” (0:29)

Graham tells Cynthia, referring to her description by Ann, "The extrovert."
Cynthia: ”She was in a good mood when she said that.”
Graham: ”The last time I saw Ann, she left here very confused, I'd say.”
Cynthia, referring to Graham’s video tapes: ”If Ann got freaked out by these, they must be something sexual.” (0:40)

By telephone, Ann tell Cynthia, "You're crazy."
Referring to Graham: ”He's perverted.”
Cynthia: ”I don't understand why this freaks you out so much.” (0:52)

Cynthia tells Ann, "Don't worry about the dress." (0:56)

John asks Ann, "Is this paranoia? I mean, if anybody should be paranoid, I should be."
”I'm just saying, I didn't get paranoid when you didn't want to make love to me.”
”Just don't give me conjecture and intuition.”
”Isn't therapy helping at all?”
”Quitting your therapy is not going to feed the children in Ethiopia.” (0:58)

Cynthia, referring to Ann, finishes John's sentence: "Hung-up." (1:03)

John tells Ann, "You had me worried sick." (1:13)

Ann tells Graham, "You said that you weren't always impotent."
Graham: ”I was a pathological liar... Lying is like alcoholism. You’re continually recovering, you know.” (1:20)

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