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Sex and the Single Girl

Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Henry Fonda, Lauren Bacall, Mel Ferrer, Fran Jeffries, Leslie Parrish, Edward Everett Horton, Larry Storch, Stubby Kaye, Otto Kruger
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Sign "Dr. Helen Brown Research Psychologist" (0:07)

Dr. Anderson reads from STOP magazine: "... filling frustrated feminine minds with dirty delusions of grandeur."
Rudy DeMeyer, referring to himself: ”Listen to your psychiatrist.”
Helen: ”But you're not my psychiatrist.”
Rudy: ”I'm the Institute psychiatrist...”
Helen: ”Do you realize I've lost six patients already?”
”And now if you don't mind, I have a patient waiting.” (0:07)

Helen tells her receptionist Hilda, "if I could just get my hands on the arrogant imbecile responsible for this..." (0:10)

Managing editor Bob Weston asks his stocking company owner friend Frank Broderick, "Why don't you try a marriage counselor or one of those psychiatrists?"
Frank, referring to his wife Sylvia: ”She's the one who's insanely jealous.” (0:19)

Bob pretends to consult Helen for marital problems.
Helen: ”We have a psychiatrist here who specializes in men with a Don Juan complex. He's treating one case now who's very rare.”
Bob, referring to Sylvia: ”Maybe that's why she's a little nuts now.”
Helen: ”Mr. Broderick, I have a PhD in psychology.”
”I'm a psychologist, not a marriage...”
Pictures on the wall with titles: ”Indecision, Repressed Hostility, Anxiety
Bob: ”... there's a great deal of repressed hostility in me, oh, and I consequently get, uh, anxious...”
”I might even commit suicide.”
Helen: ”We don't have to worry about that now.”
”Don't worry, Mister Broderick.” (0:21)

Bob in session with Helen
Helen: ”You must realize, of course, that this is simply a transference... to your subconscious mind, I have become...”
Bob: ”What a terrific diagnosis.”
Picture with title: ”Infantilism” (0:33)

Bob tells business associate George, "I've already had two sessions with her as a patient." (0:40)

George tells Bob, referring to Helen, "Why, this Dame’s crazy." (0:41)

Sylvia tells Frank, "Of all the stupid, idiotic, mortifying, moronic. Are you out of your head?" (0:44)

Frank tells Bob, "Holy mackerel, I can kill myself and be better off than I am now."
Bob: ”To kill yourself.”
Bob answers Gretchen, ”To kill myself.” (0:46)

Rudy tells Helen, "We call it play therapy."
Helen: ”That's why I became a psychologist. Why did you become a psychiatrist?”
Rudy: ”... I'm hearing plenty from that patient of mine.” (0:47)

Bob, by telephone: "Dr. Brown, this is Frank Broderick, and I'm going to kill myself."
Helen: ”Why would you want to kill yourself?” (0:50)

Helen tells Bob, "I thought I'd go out of my mind."
Helen: ”I kill myself. I'd kill myself.” (0:52)

Helen tells Bob, "I don't drink."
”I get drunk very easily.”
Bob, wearing Helen’s mother’s robe: ”In fact, I was thinking I look just like, oh, Jack Lemmon did in that movie where he dressed up like a girl, remember?”
Helen: ”Wasn't that a naughty thing you did trying to kill yourself that way?” (0:55)

Helen tells Sylvia, "I am a psychologist, Mrs. Broderick..."
”I do have my patients.” (1:05)

Helen tells Rudy, "It's with a patient."
Rudy: ”There's always a phase in which the therapist falls in love with the patient.”
By telephone, Bob tells Helen, ”I'll kill myself. I'll come up to your office, and I'll kill myself.” (1:11)

Helen tells Bob, "This is insane, impossible."
Bob: ”Usually, and I quote from memory...” (1:13)

Bob asks his secretary Susan, "You know why I'm worried?" (1:17)

Helen tells Sylvia, "Oh, well, I've been under something of a nervous strain."
”Mrs. Broderick, something very confusing is happening.” (1:20)

Helen tells Sylvia, "Oh, I don’t drink."
”Rudy, this is shocking.” (1:27)

Board member Randall displays a facial tic while talking to Bob. (1:31)

Rudy tells Helen, referring to Bob, "That maniac, I’ll fix him." (1:41)

Sign on ambulance: "County Asylum" (1:53)