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Shaft (2019)

Samuel L. Jackson, Jessie Usher, Regina Hall, Richard Roundtree, Alexandra Shipp, Titus Welliver, Method Man, Isaach De Bankolé, Matt Lauria, Avan Jogia, Lauren Vélez, Robbie Jones, Ian Casselberry, Leland L. Jones, Almeera Jiwa
cocaine | crack cocaine | heroin
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Private investigator John Shaft finds a packet of white powder drug in a thug’s wallet. (0:03)

By telephone, his friend Karim asks FBI data analyst John Shaft, Jr. -- “JJ”, "Do you mean am I using?" (0:08)

JJ’s boss Frank Vietti tells assembled FBI agents: "The last thing I need is that asshole from Channel 8 News spewing some bullshit story about Islamophobia running rampant in the Bureau."
”I am dealing with... the worst heroin epidemic this city has ever seen...” (0:10)

Karim tells JJ, "It’s a rehabilitation program that, uh, me and my Army buddies started... to help vets... addiction..." (0:12)

By telephone, his mother Maya tells JJ, "... Karim: He’s dead."
Military Honors for Karim. Family and friends grieve. (0:14)

Sacha tells JJ, referring to Karim, "I just can’t believe he was using again."
JJ: ”He was clean.”
Referring to the police: ”To them he’s just another dead junkie vet.” (0:14)

JJ reads Karim’s death certificate: "Accidental Death (Overdose)" (0:15)

A boy tells Jr, referring to the picture of Karim’s body on Jr’s phone: "That’s that boy they found laid up tweakin’ off Manny’s shit."
”Manny runs this block. Anyone coppin’ dope around here gets it from him.” (0:17)

JJ sees people using cocaine. (0:17)

Sacha answers JJ: "Not when you’re in a drug house investigating a murder."
JJ: ”... I pulled the initial toxicology report.”
Report: ”DOA - Overdose”
”Looks like he OD’d.”
Sacha: ”He would have OD’d before he even finished using.” (0:19)

JJ tells John Shaft, "It was ruled as an overdose..."
Shaft: ”Friends and family of the junkie's always lookin’ for some other reason, when a junkie is just a junkie.”
JJ: ”He was clean. That overdose was bogus. He had enough heroin in his system that would’ve killed ten people...”
Newspaper headline: ”... MILLION IN HEROIN SEIZED”
Shaft, referring to drug dealer Manny: ”That mother... must’ve lost his goddamned mind.” (0:25)

JJ asks Manny, referring to Karim, "Was he buying drugs from you?"
JJ tells Shaft: ”Brothers Watching Brothers is a rehab center for Army vets.” (0:32)

JJ tells Shaft: "I can’t be aiding and abetting the city’s highest profile sociopath... one drug dealer at a time."
”What the... kind of metaphor is that?” (0:34)

Veteran Maj. Gary “Cutty” Cutworth tells JJ and Shaft, referring to Brothers Watching Brothers, "... we conduct therapy, both physical and mental... help make profits for our rehab operations."
Staff member: ”It’s crazy...”
Cutty: ”Drinking, drugs...”
”... that’s probably where he fell back into using.” (0:36)

JJ asks Shaft, "Are you insane?" (0:38)

JJ tells Shaft, referring to JJ’s martial arts training, "When I get drunk, it just comes out..." (0:46)

Sacha tells JJ and Shaft, "Oh, well, let’s hope there’s a prescription for that."
Shaft tells JJ, ”Prescribe something for them tight-ass jeans cutting off the blood to your brain.” (0:51)

Karim’s girlfriend tells the others, referring to Karim, "That’s when he got clean."
JJ asks the Imam, ”Where’d you get that crazy idea from?” (0:51)

Shaft tells the others, referring to his computer, "I won it in a game show called ‘Beat the Shit Out of a Piece of Shit Drug Dealer, and You Get to Keep His Shit’." (0:53)

Supermercado Fantastico manager Bennie tells Shaft, "I remember... a black guy dressed like Morpheus from Matrix." (1:01)

Shaft tells JJ, "Those... were the ones responsible for bringing crack into the hood in the ‘80s. Now, they’re the reason 45’s talking about ‘an opioid epidemic."
JJ: ”Maybe Supermercado Fantastico’s just a front or the Las Caras’ drug money. You know, they could be using the cleric’s mission trips over to Afghanistan to bring in heroin.” (1:02)

Sacha tells JJ, "This is crazy."
”He’s obviously screwed up, borderline insane...” (1:04)

Shaft tells two female companions, "Don’t worry about her, though." (1:07)

Television reporter: "... does the FBI have a racist, Islamophobic bias?"
JJ tells Vietti, ”You know, for him to just automatically assume we’re Islamaophobic is actually racist for him.” (1:16)

Headline: ".... Heroin Seized" (1:19)

Close up of drug packet (1:20)

Maya, referring to Shaft: "Is this nigga high?" (1:21)

JJ tells Sasha, "They bring the damaged vehicles back to the States filled with drugs." (1:23)

Cutty tells Dominguez, "You’re being paranoid."
Close up of drugs
”Smuggling drugs was supposed to be temporary, okay?” (1:24)

JJ tells Shaft, "So Cutty was running the drugs." (1:28)

Stand up comedian on television: "But I’m not an alcoholic. I’m a drunk, and all alcoholics gotta go to them goddamn meetings..." (1:31)

Shaft answers his father: "Oh, drug kingpin..." (1:32)

Cutty tells Keith, referring to Sasha, "I do not like her just sitting there without restraints on." (1:33)

Gordito tastes drug. (1:35)

Shaft tells Gordito, "I’m the cop that broke up your little ghetto crack cartel and sent your ass swirling around the toilet for the last 20 years like the piece of shit you are." (1:41)

Maya: "Sasha, can you please prescribe this man something for his inflated ego?" (1:44)

Television reporter: "Benita Rodriguez faces attempted murder charges in connection with a money laundering scheme for a notorious drug cartel." (1:45)