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She's Gotta Have It

Tracy Camilla Johns, Tommy Redmond Hicks, John Canada Terrell, Spike Lee, Raye Dowell, Joie Lee, S. Epatha Merkerson, Bill Lee
Ronald Reagan
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Man: "You’re confused." (0:10)

Mars Blackmon; "Do I look like a retard?... I’m not crazy." (0:14)

Artist Nola Darling tells Greer Childs, "You know, for someone who’s such a health nut, it’s odd you still eat red meat."
Greer, referring to Jamie Overstreet: ”... Jamie and that lunatic Mars?”
Nola: ”They’re neither hoodlums not lunatics...”
”You are tripping.” (0:05)

Mars: "I ain’t no psychiatrist, but..." (0:28)

Greer tells Nola, "Idiots, like your two friends."
”I’m not saying that you’re a nympho..., but maybe a sex addict.”
Nola: ”If I’m a sex addict, then why don’t you leave me the hell alone?”
”If I’m a sex addict, then I’m going cold turkey.”
Greer: ”Now, honey, don’t do anything rash like going on cold turkey.” (0:45)

Dr. Jamison: "Nola Darling came to my office a confused and frightened young lady... My whole area of sex therapy is about trying to get to the feelings." (0:46)

Dr. Jamison tells Nola, "Well, Nola, some types of excessive sexual activity have all the signals of being an addiction and can be treated in a fashion similar to other addictions, like alcoholism and gambling. Your friend... confuses a healthy sex drive with sickness."
Nola: ”I am no addict.” (0:47)

Mars asks Greer, "Who’d you vote for, Ronnie baby?" (0:51)

Greer tells Mars, referring to a game, "You know, it does take some semblance of intelligence."
Jamie: ”Intelligence?” (0:54)

Nola tells her friend Opal Gilstrap, "I’m not in the mood." (1:05)

Nola: "As for Jamie, I just got a little crazy." (1:18)