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Shirley Valentine

CastPauline Collins, Tom Conti, Julia McKenzie, Alison Steadman, Joanna Lumley, Bernard Hill
Year released1989
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Poet Brian Bradshaw tells two boys, "It’s mad..." (0:11)

Brian’s mother Shirley tells his father Joe, "Quit it, van Gogh."
”You’re a bloody nutcase...” (0:13)

Shirley asks Joe, "Does this mean we’re perverted?"
Joe: ”You’re a nutcase, you are.” (0:14)

Shirley, referring to Joe: "He used to love me because I’m a nutcase. Now he just thinks I’m a nutcase." (0:14)

Joe tells Shirley, "I think you are going round the bend." (0:15)

Young Shirley: "The only thing I hated was me." (0:24)

Shirley tells her old schoolmate Marjorie Majors, "... Brian’s a headcase..."
Marjorie: ”Are you shocked, darling?” (0:28)

Shirley: "Like you can be beaten and battered and half insane..." (0:34)

Joe asks Shirley, "Have you finally gone round the frigging pipe?" (0:36)

Shirley, referring to her daughter Millandra: "... she’s got me strutting around like R2-bleeding- D2." (0:43)

Shirley: "It’s a good job we’re not having soup, or I’d put me head in it and drown meself." (0:58)

Tourist Jeanette faints when she realizes she has eaten squid. (1:01)

Shirley: "I feel... pretty daft, actually..." (1:06)

Tavern owner Costas Dimitriades tells Shirley, "Man would be crazy not want to make... with you." (1:10)

Her friend and traveling companion Jane tells Shirley, "I’ve been completely selfish, haven’t I?" (1:11)

Costas: "I think Shirley Valentine is a little bit crazy."
Shirley: ”Costas, Shirley Valentine is loop-the-...-loop.”
Costas: ”Loop-the-...-loop?” (1:17)

Shirley: "I’ve got this thought in me head, this shocking thought..." (1:28)

Shirley tells Costas, "You don’t have to worry."
”Don’t worry, Costas.” (1:35)

Shirley tells Costas, referring to Joe, "He must’ve been watching Rambo." (1:41)

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