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CastVincent Price, Anabel Shaw, Lynn Bari, Frank Latimore, Stephen Dunne, Reed Hadley, Renee Carson, Charles Trowbridge
Year released1946
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Janet Stewart witnesses the murder of Margaret Cross by her psychiatrist husband Dr. Richard Cross. (0:07)

The hotel manager tells Janet’s husband Paul Stewart, "Lieutenant, you really had us worried." (0:07)

Paul finds Janet awake but unresponsive. (0:08)

Hotel physician Dr. Blair tells Paul, referring to Janet, "I think she’s suffering from some sort of shock."
”We ought to call in a nerve specialist, a psychiatrist.”
”I’m all right for a broken arm or an old-fashioned hangover...”
By telephone, Blair tells Cross: ”One of the guests here has had some sort of shock.”
Paul, referring to Janet: ”Worrying about me...”
Cross: ”Sooner you get to a case of shock, the better”
”Would you say that she was a nervous, imaginative girl?”
”She’s had a nervous collapse, went into shock.”
Blair: ”Dr. Cross has a private sanatorium just out of town.”
By telephone, Cross asks Miss Elaine Jordan, his lover, ”Will you call the hospital and tell Miss Hatfield to have a room ready for a new patient?” (0:09)

Jordan tells the desk clerk, "We wish to pick up a patient." (0:14)

Cross tells Jordan, "Mrs. Stewart has had a nervous collapse."
Jordan tells Paul, Don’t you worry, Lieutenant.” (0:15)

Cross tells Jordan, referring to Stewart, "Put her to bed and have Dr. Stevens give her an injection of scopolamine."
Cross tells nurse Hatfield, ”The patient is coming in at the ambulance entrance.” (0:15)

Cross tells Stevens, "Amnesia shock. She’s had her injections?" (0:16)

Cross tells Janet, "You’re going to remember things now. You were too nervous to sleep. You were worried about Paul..."
Janet: ”He’s hitting her head.” (0:16)

Cross tells Elaine, "The shock will wear off in a couple of weeks at the most." (0:21)

Cross tells Paul, referring to Janet, "She was restless, and we gave her a sedative. You’ve got to be patient... It was hard for her subconscious to accept that..." (0:22)

Cross uses suggestion with Janet, “Soon you won’t be able to remember anything.” (0:25)

Dr. Franklin Harvey tells Cross, "Let’s continue the present treatment and see how she comes along."
”I notice, Richard, you’ve been giving her sedatives.”
”If she’s under sedation, there’s no way of knowing when she comes back to normal.”
”Sometimes I wonder which are more difficult, patients or their families.” (0:28)

Stevens asks Jordan, "How’s your patient?" (0:29)

Stevens dictates: "As for Mrs. Stewart, she’s suffering from hallucinations." (0:34)

Paul tells Stevens, referring to Janet, "She’s out of her head. She’s got a crazy idea she saw a murder."
Electric therapy, insulin shock.”
Paul: ”Insulin shock?” (0:34)

Stevens reads news article. "The body of Mrs. Margaret Cross, wife of the noted psychiatrist has just be recovered..." (0:36)

Hatfield tells Cross, "You have our deepest sympathy." (0:36)

Jordan tells Cross, referring to Janet, "They’re convinced she’s insane. Now no matter what she says, they’ll think she has hallucinations."
”If we can... convince her husband that she’s insane, we can... have her committed.” (0:37)

Paul tells Janet, "Don’t worry."
Cross tells Jordan, ”Give her a hypodermic, nurse.” (0:38)

Cross tells Paul, "There are times when patients emerging from amnesia suffer from delusions." (0:39)

Cross tells Paul, referring to the patient, "Mrs. Penny is suffering from a paranoid form of dementia praecox, characterized either by delusions of grandeur or persecution or both... This delusion is quite common among mental cases in an institution of this sort."
Paul: ”Are you trying to tell me my wife is out of her mind?”
Cross: ”’Out of the mind’ denotes complete loss of reason.”
Paul: ”But she’s got the same crazy ideas as the other patients.”
Cross: ”Right now, she’s merely suffering delusions.” (0:41)

Janet tells Stevens, "Don’t talk to me as if I were crazy."
Janet: ”I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy.” (0:43)

Stevens tells Cross, "She had the usual delusions... I had to give her a sedative." (0:43)

Cross tells Jordan, "I’m going to try to find something that will convince her that she’s insane." (0:43)

Cross asks Janet, "If I can prove to you that you couldn’t have seen me kill my wife, would you believe that this is a delusion that you’ve been suffering from?"
”You’re losing your mind Mrs. Stewart.”
”Losing your mind.” (0:45)

O’Neill from the Monterey district attorney’s office tells Cross, "A couple of days ago someone... beat Mrs. Harwood into unconsciousness..."
”All we’ve got is a drunken old tramp...” (0:47)

Jordan tells Cross, "When you weren’t here for dinner, I began to worry." (0:49)

Cross tells Jordan, referring to Margaret."She slipped and fell and fractured her skull against the rocks."
Referring to Janet: ”I could give her insulin shock treatment. Shock treatment’s indicated in a case like hers. I could give her four injections, and with the last one, an overdose.”
”... then convincing her that she was insane. There’s a limit...”
Jordan: ”I told you I had to see you about Mrs. Penny’s prescription.” (0:50)

O’Neill hands Cross the "Coroner’s inquest subpoena."
”She was beaten over the head.” (0:54)

Cross thinks to himself,, "I could give her four injections, then, with the last one, an overdose." (0:58)

Cross tells Paul, "The treatment itself consists of a series of shocks brought on by injections of insulin. The dosage and the degree of shock is gradually increased..."
”We’ll begin the treatment tomorrow morning.” (0:58)

Cross injects Janet. (1:00)

Paul tells Harvey, "She’s been getting insulin shock treatments..."
Harvey: ”Well, we’ve had some wonderful results with insulin.”
”Well, that’s a very common delusion.”
”... as a rule the patient’s completely normal immediately after insulin shock. They may relapse into their hallucination after this lucid period...”
Paul, referring to Cross: ”... he’s pretending she’s crazy to save his own neck.”
Harvey, by telephone: ”Get Dr. Cross at his sanatorium, please.” (1:03)

Jordan tells Cross, referring to Janet, "If she’s out of the way, we’ve nothing to worry about."
Cross injects Janet. (1:05)

Harvey tells Hatfield, "Adrenalin, quickly."
Harvey injects Janet.
Harvey tells Paul, ”Don’t worry, son.” (1:07)

"I gave her insulin shock again today... Dr. Harvey completed the treatment successfully..." (1:08)

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