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Show Boat (1936)

Irene Dunne, Allan Jones, Charles Winninger, Paul Robeson, Helen Morgan, Helen Westley
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Magnolia Hawks tells Gaylord Ravenal, "There’s a scene like that in the play, called The Village Drunkard." (0:10)

Actor Julie Laverne faints during rehearsal. (0:27)

Magnolia’s mother Parthy Ann, referring to Magnolia’s father: "Andy Hawks’ll end up in a lunatic asylum..." (0:33)

Magnolia’s character: "To think that after my first marriage with that drunken beast I could ever be loved by such a man as Hamilton Brown." (0:52)

Actor Ellie May Chipley, referring to Parthy Ann: "She’s fainted." (1:03)

Queenie tells her husband Joe, "That don’t worry me none. There’s something else on this old boat that worries me more." (1:05)

Parthy Ann tells Andy, "You must be crazy." (1:15)

Empresario Jim Green tells Julie, "... and listen, be sober."
”I’ll be sober.” (1:29)

Green: "It’s enough to drive a man crazy." (1:32)